WWE News: Big Update on John Laurinaitis

Sharon GlencrossContributor ISeptember 19, 2012

photo from wwe.com
photo from wwe.com

Ah, John Laurinaitis.

Despite a great run as a heel authority figure in late 2011/early 2012, which saw him clash on TV with CM Punk and John Cena, among others, the former senior VP of talent relations (he officially quit the high-profile position on July 30, claiming he felt "burned out") has largely been forgotten about since he was written out of the storyline at the No Way Out pay-per-view.

In this week's (subscribers-only) Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer gives an update on the former Raw general manager, noting he recently underwent surgery for a torn rotator cuff and is currently on the shelf. It seems all that physical involvement (he actually had a lengthy singles match with Cena at Over the Limit in May) has taken its toll on the aging former wrestler:

Laurinaitis underwent major surgery for a torn rotator cuff and will be out of action for several months. Laurinaitis was scheduled to continue his run-ins. and Attitude Adjustments at house shows and major arenas, and at least he was told he was going to be brought back as a television character.

As Meltzer notes, Laurinaitis may emerge on TV at some point in the future. With current Raw GM AJ Lee struggling greatly to get over in her new corporate role (serious authority figures skipping? Really?), his re-emergence on Raw may happen sooner rather than later.