WWE: Backstage News on Sin Cara's Smackdown Botches, What's His Future?

Max TowleAnalyst ISeptember 19, 2012

Image via WWE.com
Image via WWE.com

It seems that Sin Cara's reputation as a botch specialist will just not go away.

Marc Middleton from WrestlingInc.com reports that following his error-filled clash with The Miz on last week's Smackdown, the Luchador high-flyer "disappeared backstage after the match."

When backstage officials tried in vain to find him, fellow wrestler Justin Gabriel was asked where he thought the superstar might be, to which he responded, "I think he quit." Although Sin Cara was later tracked down to film a backstage segment.

The report also claims that the match on WWE's secondary show was "edited heavily because of botches."

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the backstage report is the fact that Sin Cara is clearly frustrated by his own mistakes and is perhaps reaching a breaking point as a result.

Sin Cara, whose real name is Luis Alvirde, has long been pegged as a cross-over star for the company to follow in the footsteps of the immensely popular Rey Mysterio.

Indeed, the two Mexican-Americans have recently been paired as a possible long-term option in the flagging tag-team division.

But since a botch-filled debut in April, 2011, Sin Cara has struggled to shake off the negative comments that have plagued him ever since.

So what does the future hold for Sin Cara?

It goes without saying that he's still a long way off being main event worthy, but with Rey Mysterio's increasing physical issues and Alberto del Rio's struggle to get over as a monster heel, one could argue that Sin Cara is still a valuable asset to the WWE.

His tag-team matches with Mysterio haven't set the world alight, but the prospect of the two fighting together is one that solves two problems at once.

Whilst the Kane/Daniel Bryan partnership has been entertaining, the two seem shoved together for the sake of it, but in Sin Cara and Mysterio's case, they at least seem to have long-term potential in the division.

But unless Sin Cara can quickly iron out the botches from his repertoire, a descent, possibly even beyond the mid-card, may be inevitable.


What do you think the future holds for Sin Cara?