Tampa Bay Buccaneers Look at More Running Backs: Why?

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer ISeptember 19, 2012

Michael Smith was inactive against the Giants. (photo courtesy Buccaneers.com)
Michael Smith was inactive against the Giants. (photo courtesy Buccaneers.com)

You would think the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are pretty well set at the running back position.

Doug Martin has been the Lion King the first two games, garnering just about the entire workload.

LeGarrette Blount is standing in the shadows. He's gotten virtually nothing the first two games, barely thrown a bone.

D.J. Ware, the former Giant, is getting light activity, but is far from recognizable in the offense.

Then there's Michael Smith, who returned the ball so well on kickoffs in the season opener that it earned him a trip to the "inactive" list last Sunday.

Goodness knows there's plenty of talent there.

So why would the Bucs look at a bunch of scrubs on Tuesday? Tuesday is the traditional "Send in the Clowns" day in the NFL. The players are off and unemployed free agents come in to do whatever it is they do to try and impress coaching staffs.

Purveyor of all NFL inside knowledge, ProFootballTalk.com's Mike Florio, put forth this list of talent that the Bucs were looking at Tuesday at One Buc Place.

Running backs: Du Juan Harris, Jacob Hester, Adonis Thomas and Keith Toston. Sure doesn't sound like any of those guys will land on anyone's fantasy team this year. Are those their real names or are these guys in the Federal Witness Protection Program?

If they weren't recognizable enough, try guards Roger Allen and Montrae Holland, center Matt Tennant and tackles Jake Anderson, Brandon Keith and J.B. Shugarts. Weren't all these guys voted off the island on the last Survivor series?

Which brings us back to the current stable.

There haven't been enough touches to go around.

On his Monday radio show on 620 WDAE The Sports Animal, Greg Schiano addressed the non-use of Blount against the Giants.

"LeGarrette Blount, you will see him run again. He's going to be part of our offense. He did play a couple of plays but you know in that game, when there's only 52 plays, and I never felt like our running back, Doug (Martin) got all winded."

There you have it from the "play hard 'til it's over" boss of the Buccaneers.

Says we'll see Blount run.

Should we trust him on that?