Patriots, Add a Little Curry To Your Diet

R KContributor IMarch 4, 2009

With the draft just around the corner, the Patriots are clearing up more cash than the New York Knicks.

We all know that the Pats are not going to spend major money on a first rounder. It's doubtful that they’ll even pick in the first round. Given Bill Belichick’s past history, the team will package deals and picks and end up with a safe efficient pick and a savvy veteran. That is the norm in New England country. We come to expect that from Bill and the gang.

But I, for one, would like to see the Pats make a splash in the draft.

Last years first round pick (Jarod Mayo) proved a new breed of players are taking over the NFL. They’re fast, they’re big, and they make game changing plays. With all due respect to Mike Vrabel, and Teddi Bruschi, the time has come for more athletic and prolific players.

You don’t believe me?

Check the recent linebacker core selected in the early fist round: Merriman, Davis, Willis, and Mayo-all playmakers, all game changers.

And do you see a pattern here?
The linebackers selected in the first round are from either the SEC or play down south, where the game is tougher and quicker.

You probably know where I am going with this. There is a player high on the draft board that appears to be a “can’t miss”, the next future playmaker. His name is Aaron Curry from Wake Forest. If you need further proof check out his stats and video on the net. The guy plays like a beast and would solidify the Pats LB core for some time.

I understand that he is a top five pick in this years draft, but with so many residual picks that the Pats have, it is time to take a chance. It’s time to package some kind of deal and get this guy in a New England uniform.

Can you picture a Curry, Mayo, Thomas LB core?

I know I can.