Kansas Basketball: What Must Happen for the Jayhawks To Repeat This Year

stanley PendergrassContributor IMarch 4, 2009

After the beating Kansas put on Missouri last week, many people are wondering, "Can they do it again?"  I'm here to tell you yes, and here is how they'll do it.


1. The Entire ACC Conference is banned from competing in postseason competition. The secret comes out, all 12 of the ACC teams are caught talking to recruits during the non-contact period.  Tyler Hansborough is making $150,000 a year (why go to the NBA?), and Coach K has been buying dinner for his athletes every Friday night. 

2.  With the ACC out, OU is feeling good.  Unfortunately, Blake Griffon discovers he has hairline fractures in both of his fibulas; he sits out the tournament, causing OU to go out in the first round.

3. With all of the other craziness going on, Stephen Curry Feels good, right?  He and his Davidson Bulldogs have taken some pretty tough losses this year, but the biggest loss of them all is when 13 of Davidson's roster is ineligible due to low grades, causing them to not be able to participate in postseason events. 

4. Five Hurricanes strike the East coast at the same time that a massive magnitude eight earthquake strikes the Pacific coast.  Crazy, I know, but we are talking about KU winning the national championship

5.  NCAA Championship Game.  KU vs MU.  Missouri shoots eight percent from the field due to KU's suffocating defense; KU holds on to win 32-31.


It will be a tough road for Kansas, but with a little extra help from Jesus there is a chance that they will repeat again.  They just better hope Mizzou is having a rough shooting night. Again.