Nicklas Lidstrom Still in the Running for the Norris Trophy?

Katie EvansCorrespondent IMarch 17, 2008

With the hit from Ian Lapierre that sent Nicklas Lidstrom out of the line up for six games many fans thought that Lidstrom could be out of the running for his third straight Norris trophy. After coming back from his knee injury Lidstrom has proven that he can win yet again at this years NHL awards.

With Anaheim Ducks' Chris Pronger out with a suspension there is a very slim chance he could win the Norris. Dion Phaneuf could possible be his biggest competition if you would even consider it competition when it comes to the Norris but there isn't really any other competition to him.

With his fairly quick return to Detroit Lidstrom has proved himself to not only the fans but the league that he deserves another Norris. He has led the team to more victories after the ugly February slump, that Detroit fans had to witness, and he has been setting up plays and doing the same old Nick Lidstrom moves we expect to see game in and game out.

Lidstrom has always been a fan favorite not only in Detroit but to NHL fans throughout the world. Really there is no other choice for the Norris than Lidstrom. He is by far the best defensemen in the game of hockey. They don't call him Norris Nick for nothing.