WWE: Why Dolph Ziggler Has to Start Winning Cleanly

Michael Prunka@MichaelPrunkaCorrespondent ISeptember 19, 2012

Photo: WWE.com
Photo: WWE.com

Since winning Money in the Bank in July, Dolph Ziggler has been slowly making the transition into the main event. He's feuded with the likes of Chris Jericho and Randy Orton.

To truly break through the proverbial glass ceiling, Ziggler has to start winning matches in a clean fashion.

Ziggler has all the makings of a top star. He is among the best wrestlers in the WWE, he holds his own on the mic and he makes his opponents look great. The only thing he's missing is a string of decisive victories over major stars to solidify his legitimacy.

The "Show-Off" boasts impressive victories. He pinned Orton and even defeated Jericho in a match that resulted in Jericho having his contract terminated. Now Ziggler just needs to prove he can accomplish similar things without the need to use heel cheap tactics or have Vickie Guerrero interfere.

Does that mean it's time for him to ditch Guerrero? Not at all. Just because she likes to assist Ziggler in matches doesn't mean he needs to go solo to win matches clean. After all, Guerrero does garner an unprecedented amount of heat.

If the WWE doesn't build up Ziggler in a way that fans believe he's able to win matches cleanly, there's no chance he'll have a successful reign as World Heavyweight champion when he decides to cash in. If fans can't believe he can defeat his opponents cleanly now, they won't believe he can successfully defend the title against the likes of Orton and Sheamus.

That's not to say Ziggler can't be a heel and use heel tactics to win on occasion. Solidifying Ziggler's legitimacy by having him win matches cleanly is the best way to set him up for a successful title reign. 


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