50 Hottest Female Sports Broadcasters from Around the World

Amber LeeSports Lists Lead WriterSeptember 20, 2012

50 Hottest Female Sports Broadcasters from Around the World

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    There aren't any seriously serious fans out there that are watching their favorite sports or tuning into ESPN for the pretty girls. The pretty girls are just a fantastic bonus to something we already love. 

    There have been countless lists of the hottest women in sports broadcasting. The hottest at ESPN; the hottest in the United States; the hottest in Europe; the hottest in Timbuktu. Actually, the Timbuktu thing hasn't been done…yet. 

    But who needs all those crappy lists when you can have one single list that includes the entire freaking world. Here are the definitive 50 most beautiful women in sports broadcasting on planet earth. 

50. United States: Roxanne Wilder, Freelance Sports Reporter

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    Sports Cred: Roxanne Wilder is a public relations consultant-turned-author of In the Stars. She also works as a freelance sports reporter in Tampa and has covered everything from the World Series to the Super Bowl. 

    Fun Fact(s): Much like myself, Roxanne took the recent passing of actor Michael Clarke Duncan particularly hard, calling him "a kind and genuine soul."

49. England: Georgie Thompson, Sky Sports

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    Sports Cred: British beauty Georgie Thompson may be best known for her love life in England, but she's been a presenter on Sky Sports for years. She covers Formula One racing for the most part. 

    Fun Fact(s): Georgie and infamous mistress Imogen Thomas are co-authors of a book called The Twitter Diaries.  

48. Germany: Jessica Kastrop, Sky Deutschland

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    Sports Cred: Stunner Jessica Kastrop got her start in journalism as a volunteer for the German daily newspaper Die Rheinpfalz (only a German newspaper would have "Die" in the title) before being hired by Sky Sports Germany as a presenter in 2009.

    Fun Fact(s): According to her official (Google translated) biography, Jessica wanted to be an astronaut at the age of six, but her father encouraged her to go into a career more fit for girls. Seriously, it says that. 

47. Venezuela: Adriana Monsalve, ESPN Deportes

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    Sports Cred: According to her official ESPN bio, Adriana Monsalve is one of the most recognized reporters and commentators in Spanish-language television. She got her start on the Telemundo Network before joining ESPN Deportes in 2007. 

    Fun Fact(s): Adriana actually got her real start in Venezuela as the lead singer of a number of all-girl bands. She definitely made the right career choice, eventually. 

46. Canada: Evanka Osmak, Rogers Sportsnet Anchor

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    Sports Cred: Evanka Osmak isn't exactly Canadian. She was born in New Jersey and worked as a reporter in Arizona before moving to Ontario and pursuing a career in sports. She does it all for the network, including coverage of the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.

    Fun Fact(s): According to her official bio, her career highlight to this point was, "Jumping out of a plane and skydiving with the U.S. Army's Golden Knights."

45. United States: Rachel Nichols, ESPN

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    Sports Cred: Everyone's favorite ESPN red-head, Rachel Nichols has been with the network since 2004 as a reporter. Nichols covers some of the biggest sporting events in the country for ESPN, has interviewed some of the biggest stars in sports and often produces and reports her own investigative segments. 

    Fun Fact(s): Nichols is a Northwestern graduate who actually got her start as a reporter for the Washington Post for eight years before moving on to the Worldwide Leader in Tim Tebow coverage. 

44. Italy: Ilaria D'Amico, Football Host and TV Personality

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    Sports Cred: Ilaria D'Amico has been working in sports since her television debut in 1997. She has hosted countless programs over the year, but soccer is her true passion. D'Amico is always on-hand for the FIFA World Cup, but has worked in reality television more in recent years. 

    Fun Fact(s): In 2008 it was well reported that Victoria Beckham, the wife of soccer stud David Beckham, forbade her husband from conducting an interview with Ilaria. 

43. Germany: Andrea Kaiser, Sport1 News

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    Sports Cred: Andrea Kaiser got her start in 1996 as an intern at Radio Arabella in Munich, where she eventually worked as a presenter. Today she is a host at SPORT1 News and hosts various programs.

    Fun Fact(s): Andrea and former football player Lars Ricken have been together since 2009 and recently married. 

42. Turkey: Ebrü Gursoy, LIG TV

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    Sports Cred: Ebrü Gursoy might be a bit more model than sports reporter for now, but she does anchor LIG soccer coverage in her native Turkey. 

    Fun Fact(s): Naturally, Ebrü's Twitter page is all in Turkish and it really doesn't translate well. So, there's your fun fact: it's difficult to translate Turkish.

41. England: Diana Dougherty, Sky Sports

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    Sports Cred: Di Dougherty began her sports media career as a member of the Galaxy Radio ground crew. She eventually became a presenter on Sky Sports News channel and currently hosts Golf Night on the network. 

    Fun Fact(s): Formerly Di Stewart, Mrs. Doughtery is a certified WAG. She dated English rugby player Jonny Wilkinson before marrying professional golfer Nick Dougherty in 2010. 

40. Canada: Natasha Staniszewski, TSN Toronto

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    Sports Cred: TSN's Natasha Stanieszewski is a host for Canadian SportsCentre and is based out of Toronto. She got her start in sports a local sports anchor in her native Edmonton. 

    Fun Fact(s): Like many of us, Natasha is bored by Major League Baseball and recently tweeted, "Can't leave until Brewers and Cardinals are done. #anchorpeopleproblems #zzzzzZz pic.twitter.com/CEQXtTyK"

39. Scotland: Kristy Gallacher, Sky Sports News

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    Sports Cred: Scottish beauty Kristy Gallacher studied journalism and promotion at university before becoming a production assistant in 1996. In 1998 she was hired by Sky Sports News and has been there ever since. 

    Fun Fact(s): Kristy has appeared on Who Wants to be a Millionaire? and initially had her sights set on a career in fashion. 

38. England: Mllie Clode, (Former) Sky Sports News

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    Sports Cred: London based Millie Clode has been working as a presenter for Sky Sports News since 2006 and has since become one of the network's most popular presenters. She has also worked in reality television.  

    Fun Fact(s): Millie recently hosted something called the Lingerie Awards, tweeting: "Hosting the lingerie awards tonight...things are getting sssslinky already... pic.twitter.com/9ekE42Oy"

37. United States: Niki Noto, ESPNU

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    Sports Cred: Niki Noto has been working in sports since graduating from the University of Alabama. She worked for the Tennessee Titans, Atlanta Falcons and was part of the crew for ESPNU's Roadtrip, before going on to co-host GBP's Sports Central.

    Fun Fact(s): Niki has made her return to ESPN, this time has the co-host of ESPNU's Roadtrip.

36. United States: Genevieve Chappell, on-Air Host for ESPN, Versus, and the out

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    Sports Cred: Genevieve Chappell is a busy girl according to her Twitter bio, in which she describes herself as a "TV Host & Segment Producer, blogger & vlogger specializing in automotive lifestyle for ESPN, Speed Channel, Versus, Outdoor Channel, Discovery, and Velocity TV." 

    Fun Fact(s): The least surprising thing ever—Genevieve got her start as a model at age 21 after being approached to be the official St. Pauli Girl for a local event. 

35. Germany: Kate Abdo, Sky Deutschland

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    Sports Cred: Kate Abdo is a sports anchor who works for Sky Sport News Germany. Prior to that she had anchored a sports program on German TV and had a stint at CNN, as well. 

    Fun Fact(s): Kate works primarily in Germany, but she is from England and fluent in English, German, French and Spanish. 

34. United States: Samantha Steele, ESPN

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    Sports Cred: The hopelessly adorable Samantha Steele got her start working for Fox Sports net after graduating college. She moved on to a hosting gig with ESPN's Longhorn Network in 2011, and her role on the network covering college football has been substantially increased since the departure of Erin Andrews. 

    Fun Fact(s): Samantha graduated from the extremely conservative Liberty University, so she isn't likely to ever engage in any entertaining hijinks. But she does love beef jerky. 

33. India: Lekha Washington, ESS India

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    Sports Cred: Lekha Washington is actually far more of an actress in her native India than a sports reporter, but she has done the occasional broadcasting. In 2008 the Indian Premier League (cricket) premiered and Washington served as a reporter and co-host. 

    Fun Fact(s): Lekha had studied filmmaking at university, but eventually opted for a role in front of the camera rather than anything behind the scenes. 

32. United States: Priya Desai, NY1

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    Sports Cred: Priya Desai attended the University of Indiana as a journalism major and was on hand to cover the hullaballoo when legendary coach Bobby Knight was fired. She has worked her way up from various internships and is now a sports broadcaster at NY1. 

    Fun Fact(s): Priya's choice to go into broadcasting didn't exactly thrill her traditional family. Her mother pleaded with her to go to law school…which I bet she regrets now! 

31. Italy: Federica Fontana, Television Sports Personality

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    Sports Cred: Like many beautiful women in the sports media, Italian head-turner Federica Fontana got her start on stage at the age of 18 in beauty pageants. She was a natural for on camera work, and within years was co-hosting and serving as the announcer for a number of Italian sports programs. 

    Fun Fact(s): Federica has also done very well for herself as a model. She's appeared in countless men's magazines such as FHM and GQ, had her own calendar and has appeared in fashion magazines. 

30. Spain: Anita Cobos, CLMTV

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    Sports Cred: Spanish beauty Anita Cobos is a sports journalist based out of Cordoba. She covers football (soccer) for MarcaTv and CLMTV. 

    Fun Fact(s): Anita recently tweeted something that Google translated to: "I think he misses me ... Within a month I do not know exactly who will be more animal than the two .... :)"

    I thought she was talking about a man, but clicked the photo and it was an adorable baby boxer puppy! 

29. England: Olivia Godfrey, Sky Sports

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    Sports Cred: Olivia Godfrey was born in England but attended college at UCLA and initially had planned on a career in fashion and/or public relations. She eventually returned to London and was offered a job with Sky Sports News. 

    Fun Fact(s): Olivia's official Facebook page claims she graduated with a degree in American and Canadian Studies. Now, I'm not saying she's lying…I'm just saying she might be the only person who has ever majored in Canadian Studies in the history of the world. 

28. United States: Erin Andrews, FOX Sports

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    Sports Cred: Ms. Erin Andrews actually got her start in sports after college as a freelance sports reporter in Florida and Georgia. She was hired by ESPN in 2004, where she remained until she was lured away by FOX Sports in 2012. 

    Fun Fact(s): This isn't exactly "fun," but the shine on Erin's golden blonde locks may be finally wearing off. The reaction to her debut on FOX, where they actually let her say things, was almost universally negative on Twitter.  

27. United States: Charissa Thompson, ESPN

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    Sports Cred: When ESPN lost both Erin Andrews and Michelle Beadle, it was hard to imagine that anyone could immediately step in and fill the void left by two of the network's favorite talents. But Charissa Thompson, who got her start at FOX Sports and the Big Ten Network, did just that. 

    Thompson has been working steadily in sports since 2007 and has proved she can do it all. She's worked behind the scenes as a producer, on the sidelines as a reporter and now she goes toe-to-toe with smarmy blowhard Colin Cowherd on SportsNation five days a week. 

    Fun Fact(s): Charissa is incredibly boring. I know that's not fun, but all she does is watch sports, participate in sports and tweet about sports. You won't be seein' this broad in Maxim. 

26. India: Roshni Chopra, Cricket Commentator

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    Sports Cred: Indian goddess Roshni Chopra got her big break as a presenter on the Fourth Umpire, a post-cricket match show on the Doordarshan network. Unfortunately, she quickly gave up the sports thing in favor of a career in television and movies. 

    Fun Fact(s): In 2010 Roshni won a truly ridiculous sounding Indian reality show called Dil Jeetegi Desi Girl, in which swanky women were forced to compete in "everyday tasks" such as milking cows and cleaning up the house. 

25. England: Hayley McQueen, Sky Sports News

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    Sports Cred: Haley McQueen lived in Hong Kong and Scotland before settling down in England. She got her start in broadcasting at Sky Sports News, but left in 2006 and went on to host shows for MUTV and Al Jazeera before returning to Sky in 2010. 

    Fun Fact(s): Haley is the daughter of retired Scottish footballer, and current football analyst, Gordon McQueen. He too works for Sky Sports!

24. United States: Jenny Dell, NESN

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    Sports Cred: If you thought the New England Sports Network would never be able to replace the stunning Heidi Watney, think again. NESN hired Jenny Dell in early 2012 to cover the Red Sox. She is a UMass graduate who had previously worked at ESPN in a number of different roles. 

    Fun Fact(s): Jenny's Twitter feed, much like the Red Sox season, has been incredibly depressing the last few months. Probably not much fun for her, but it usually amuses me. 

23. Argentina: Vanessa Palacio, ESPN International and ESPN Deportes

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    Sports Cred: Vanessa Palacio was hired by ESPN in early 2009 and is a regular anchor on ESPN Deportes SportsCenter. Prior to her work at ESPN, she worked as a presenter and commentator for both Paisa Deportes and Teleantioquia Television from 2005-09. 

    Fun Fact(s): Vanessa works and lives in Argentina these days, but she's actually a native of Colombia. I wanted this fact to be more fun, but all of her tweets are in Spanish. 

22. Canada: Hazel Mae, Rogers Sportsnet

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    Sports Cred: After working a few joe-jobs in Canada, cutie Hazel Mae ditched the great white north to take a job in Boston as the lead anchor of NESN's SportsDesk. She proved to be one of the most popular hosts on the network before ditching it for the MLB Network in 2008, and then in 2011 she returned to Canada to work for Sportsnet.  

    Fun Fact(s): Hazel was actually born in the Philippines before emigrating to Canada. She is currently married former Major Leaguer Kevin Barker. Sorry, boys.

21. Turkey: Burcu Esmersoy, NTV Network

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    Sports Cred: The career of Turkish beauty Burcu Esmersoy has really evolved since 1997. She got her start in beauty pageants, went on to host a children's television program and was eventually hired by CNN Türk’s Sports News in 2000; where she remained until 2005. 

    Fun Fact(s): Burcu has continued working in sports broadcasting at Turkey's NTV, but also randomly competed in a reality dance competition, as well. 

20. United States: Molly Qerim, NFL Network and CBS Sports

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    Sports Cred: After graduating from college, Molly Qerim actually got her start in broadcasting as an on-air personality for ESPN, where she served in various roles. In late 2010, she ditched ESPN for CBS Sports, who also have her doing pretty much everything.

    Qerim serves as a studio anchor, hosts various shows, anchors halftime reports and covers major events for the network. 

    Fun Fact(s): Molly may look harmless, but she's a hardcore MMA fan. She became one of the first women to broadcast for the UFC and has covered it routinely over her career. 

19. England: Charlotte Jackson, Sky Sports News

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    Sports Cred: Charlotte Jackson is an English journalist and presenter who has been working for Sky Sports News since 2009. 

    Sports broadcasting was a natural fit for the lifelong Liverpool fan, and prior to working for Sky, she co-hosted various sports shows for other networks and covered the 2008 Olympics in Beijing for Al Jazeera.

    Fun Fact(s): In 2009, Charlotte and two co-workers almost lost their jobs after they were all caught making lewd comments about a female referee when they thought their microphones were off. 

18. India: Mayanti Langer, ESPN India

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    Sports Cred: The mellifluous Mayanti Langer began her career in sports broadcasting as a producer and then host for a Zee Sports show called Football Cafe. She quickly attracted the attention of ESPN, where she currently works as a sports journalist and covers mostly cricket and soccer. 

    Fun Fact(s): Mayanti actually spent some time in the U.S. growing up because her father, Major General Sanjiv Langer, worked for the United Nations. 

17. United States: Heidi Watney, Time Warner Cable SportsNet

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    Sports Cred: Bewitching blonde Heidi Watney got her start as a talk radio host for ESPN before being hired by NESN to cover the Red Sox in 2008. She remained in Boston until late 2011 when she was hired to cover the Lakers for Time Warner Cable SportsNet in Los Angeles. 

    Fun Fact(s): Actually, this fact sucks, but it was recently reported that Watney and Time Warner had "parted ways" and is currently unemployed. The Boston Globe reports a return to Boston is unlikely and that Watney had recently auditioned for a role on ESPN's FirstTake, but failed to land it.

16. Spain: Lara Álvarez, MotoGP

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    Sports Cred: The lovely Lara Álvarez is a sports journalist who covers motor sports for the Spanish broadcasting networks Telecinco and Energy. She had previously hosted a number of different sports shows, including a weekly soccer show called Brand Gol. 

    Fun Fact(s): In 2006, Lara became part of a fake band called "The Happiness," as a result of an elaborate advertising campaign for MTV Spain and Tiempo BBDO. The band was satire of the conservative movement of the time. 

    I deduced this all through Google translate, which was not a fun task. 

15. Germany: Regina Halmich, Boxing Reporter

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    Sports Cred: German badass Regina Halmich has more sports cred than you could ever even dream of. She is one of the most successful female boxers of all time, having just one loss and one draw in 56 fights. 

    Since retiring in 2007, Regina has worked to promote the sport and appeared on countless sports programs over the years. She has also been the subject of a number of articles in Ring Magazine

    Fun Fact(s): Regina now has her own line of cosmetics and has had no shortage of modeling offers. She's posed in a number of German publications and websites. 

14. Mexico: Ińes Sainz, CNN En Español and Azteca Deportes

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    Sports Cred: Mexican sports journalist Inés Sainz may be best known in the U.S. as the hottie with a body that created a full blown scandal in 2010 after some of the Jets were accused of not behaving like gentlemen. But that's really unfair to her. 

    Sainz has been working as a sports reporter, producer, television personality and model for over a decade. She reports for CNN en Español and Azteca Deportes, and she and her husband own their own production company. 

    Fun Fact(s): Inés has a twin brother and grew up a tomboy, believe it or not. She's a legit athlete with a black belt in taekwondo and enjoys playing soccer, volleyball, basketball and tennis. 

13. United States: Lauren Gardner, CBS Sports Network

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    Sports Cred: Ravishing redhead Lauren Gardner is a former Denver Broncos cheerleader who has been pursuing a career in sports broadcasting since 2009. She has done on-air hosting and sideline reporting for FOX Sports and The Mountain Sports Network and currently works for CBS Sports. 

    Fun Fact(s): Lucky Lauren was tapped by MTV to cover the Lingerie Football League in 2011. 

12. Italy: Laura Esposto, Milan Channel

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    Sports Cred: After pursuing her modeling dreams in Los Angeles, Laura Esposto returned to her native Italy to pursue a career in sports journalism. She began covering A.C. Milan for Sky Sports Italia and the Milan Channel in 2007, and continues to cover the sport to this day. 

    Fun Fact(s): In an interview with The Sun UK in 2012, Laura basically accused the entire country of being a bunch of out of control drunks. The interviewer was surprisingly courteous about the sweeping generalization. 

11. England: Charlie Webster, Sky Sports and BBC

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    Sports Cred: English fitness fanatic Charlie Webster has been working full time as a presenter for Sky Sports since 2009. She had previously covered the Premier League for ESPN in Asia and had a stint at the BBC. She also writes a column for Football Punk magazine.

    Fun Fact(s): Charlie devotes almost all of her time to promoting fitness and raising money for cancer research. She runs marathons, raises money, hosts obesity seminars and speaks to women about the importance of fitness. 

10. United States: Kavita Channe, Miami Dolphins Coverage

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    Sports Cred: Kavita Channe was born in London but her family immigrated to the U.S. when she was just five years old. She is a graduate of the University of Florida and this avid Gators fan has been working her way up the sports media ladder for awhile. 

    Kavita got her start as a sideline reporter covering South Florida high school football games and went on to create her own show on YouTube called 1stDown&Dirty. She is a frequent sports correspondent for Miami sports radio, and in 2012 she's became 'Fins fans behind-the-scenes pass to all things Dolphins. 

    Fun Fact(s): Kavita keeps it fit and legit with that crazy P90X workout and then winds down with some yoga. She's also taking flying lessons, so look for her up in the air in the skies above Miami. 

9. India: Archana Vijaya, Neo Sports

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    Sports Cred: Archana Vijaya got her start in television in 2004 when she won a modeling reality television competition. She traveled all over the world for her modeling career before trying her hand at sports journalism. 

    She was signed by Neo Sports, which has broadcasting rights for all cricket matches, to travel with the team and host a "Tour Diary" for the network. As you can imagine, she became and instant fan favorite. 

    Fun Fact(s): Archana enjoys swimming with sharks!

8. Australia: Mieke Buchan, SBS and the Tennis Channel

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    Sports Cred: Australian beauty Mieke Buchan has been working (mostly) as a sports broadcaster since getting her big break in 1999, anchoring World Sports on SBS. Since then she has worked for most of the big boys, at one point or another, including—ESPN, FOX Sports, SBS and she was hired by the Tennis Channel in 2012. 

    Fun Fact(s): Well, it's more of a sad fact for all you boys out there. Ms. Mieke became engaged in July 2011 and announced her engagement live on-air during red carpet questioning after an eagle-eyed reporter spotted a sparkler on a certain finger. 

7. Colombia: Mirella Grisales, Telemundo

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    Sports Cred: Nearly everything written (or said) about Mirella Grisales is in Spanish, which makes sense because she's from Colombia. But I do know she works for Telemundo Deportes and probably covers soccer. 

    Fun Fact(s): She also covers, or enjoys watching American football as well; that according to my translation of some of her tweets

6. United States: Melanie Collins, TV Host and Sports Broadcaster

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    Sports Cred: Since graduating from Penn State in 2008, Melanie Collins has worked for The Big Ten Network, Yahoo! Sports, NASCAR.com, PGA.com and NBA-TV. She's actually run through a surprisingly large number of jobs in just four years. 

    In early 2012 it was announced that Collins was hired by Total College Sports, where she currently serves as an in-studio host. She also maintains a very scarily updated blog

    Fun Fact(s): Melanie is dating NHL player Scottie Upshall. 

5. Mexico: Marisol Gonzalez, Televisa Deportes

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    Sports Cred: Marisol González is a Mexican beauty queen turned sports reporter for Televisa Deportes. She had a brief foray into acting on a telenovela in 2005, but mostly pays the bills as a journalist and model. 

    Fun Fact(s): Marisol competed in the Miss Universe pageant in 2003 and stole the show from Inéz Sainz as the sexiest Mexican reporter at the Super Bowl in 2012.

4. Germany: Anna Kraft, Sky Sports Deutschland

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    Sports Cred: Anna Kraft isn't just Germany's sexiest blonde sports reporter. Kraft, who works for Sky Sports Deutschland, is also an avid athlete and soccer fan. 

    Fun Fact(s): Anna's Twitter page is completely in German, but the photos on her official web page need no translation. 

3. India: Madira Bedi, ITV TV Cricket Commentator

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    Sports Cred: Mandira Bedi has a resume that is approximately a mile long. She gained fame in the mid-90's starring as the main character in India's first daily soap opera. From there she landed plenty of acting and modeling work and eventually turned her attention to sports. Mandira has been covering cricket for various networks since 2003. 

    Fun Fact(s): Mandira may have started as an actress and model, but cricket seems to be the only thing on her mind these days; at least judging by her Twitter feed. 

2. Ireland: Rachel Wyse, Sky Sports News

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    Sports Cred: Irish beauty Rachel Wyse was hired by Sky Sports in 2008 to host the Show Jumping Ireland Premier Series. She worked on various other networks before being offered a full-time contracted position with Sky Sports News in July 2010. 

    Fun Fact(s): Apparently Rachel is a major One Direction fan, which would be annoying if she were 16. But since she's 27, it's just kind of sad. 

1. Spain: Sara Carbonero, Telecinco

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    Sports Cred: Sara Carbonero has been a TV presenter and sports journalist for Telecinco since 2009. She covered the 2010 FIFA World Cup and was on hand to support her now-fiancé, Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas. 

    Fun Fact(s): Sara was named the Sexiest Reporter in the World by FHM in 2009. 


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