John Odom (Bat Man) Dies from Overdose, Laredo Broncos Demand Baseball Bats Back

Bare KnucksAnalyst IMarch 4, 2009

Hey, remember that funny news story about the minor league baseball player who was traded to another team for a couple maple bats?

Well, now John C. Odom, aka Bat Man, is dead. How? Accidental overdose from heroin, methamphetamine, benzylpiperazine, and of course to wash it all down, some alcohol.

Last May, Odom, a fairly respectable minor league pitching prospect was traded for exactly 10 maple bats valued at $665 a bat.

After the trade, which was obviously some kind of publicity stunt, Odom was quoted as saying, “People are like, 'I’d kill myself,' and stuff.”

Obviously he took this wonderful advice into consideration because on Nov. 5, at the age of 26, John was found dead from an overdose. [Read more...]


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