17 Best Hockey-Themed Commercials Ever

Tom Urtz Jr.@@TomUrtzJrContributor ISeptember 19, 2012

17 Best Hockey-Themed Commercials Ever

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    The NHL is currently locked out and tons of fans are feeling down in the dumps, so here is something that can brighten your day. The sport of hockey may not always receive the mainstream media coverage it deserves, but there have been tons of great hockey-themed commercials

    Some of these commercials may be a little dated and corny, but here are the 17 best hockey-themed commercials ever. 

ESPN's Russian Spy Commercial

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    This hockey commercial first hit the airwaves about a year ago and it was a really good piece of production from ESPN.

    The use of Alex Ovechkin in a "late night filing situation", and having Steve Levy accuse him of being a Cold War-era Russian spy really was a nice setup for this commercial.

    The commercial really became laughable and poignant when Seymon Varlamov appeared in the air duct, and dropped down a rope for Oveckhin to rappel into the rafters.

Budweiser's Flash Fans

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    This commercial was one of the best hockey-themed television spots in a long time. Budweiser took a very creative approach to advertise its product, and they used two seemingly average "beer league" teams.

    However, the two teams were kept in the dark about what was truly at work. Budweiser was able to give the players a chance to experience the NHL by bringing in fans, announcers and NHL quality highlights to enhance the experience as the game continued.

    This is truly one of the best commercials released in recent memory.

Alex Ovechkin and Capital One

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    Alex Ovechkin is a player who is an obvious choice to feature in NHL commercials. This spot features Ovechkin blasting shots off a rooftop in order to place Capital One bank markers to illustrate the accessibility and number of stores for the chain.

    It features some hi-jinks along the way and it is one of the best commercials featuring Ovechkin.

Geico NHL Rivalries

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    This commercial sponsored by Geico was a simple compilation of some basic fan rivalries in the NHL.

    It was used primarily to hype up the 2012 Winter Classic, but it included some west coast rivalries featuring some pet owners, a rivalry of mascots from the 2011 Winter Classic and some youngsters playing up the New York Rangers and Philadelphia Flyers' rivalry.

    This truly was a simple commercial that got the message across.

Alex Ovechkin and His Crazy Light Skates

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    This is either one of the funniest or creepiest NHL commercials in recent memory. When a hockey player goes to his locker, he is confronted by Alex Ovechkin.

    Ovie wanted to know if the budding star got the right skates, and once he tells Ovechkin that the task was accomplished, the Capitals' captain breaks out in maniacal laughter.

    I guess the point of the commercial was that once you own Crazy Light skates by CCM, you will be as crazy as Alex Ovechkin. With that in mind, I wonder if there are some Ilya Bryzgalov commercials in the works.

Mark Messier's Lay's Commercial

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    Mark Messier is running late for a flight when a fan asks him for just one autograph. Messier declines, but then starts to reconsider when he sees the fan eating Lay's potato chips. He asks for a chip and the youngster lures him to trade a chip for an autograph.

    Knowing that nobody can just eat one potato chip, the fan continues asking Messier for signatures to give to certain relatives and friends and before Messier realizes what is going on, his plane takes off.

    This is a classic commercial and was one of the best television spots featuring an NHL star in the 1990s. 

Sidney Crosby's Sports Chek Commerical

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    This commercial featured the NHL's biggest star Sidney Crosby and it was used to promote his new Reebok line.

    The commercial is a little cheesy when the Sports Check sales associate is suggesting names for Crosby's new line, but it is better than some of the others commercials that have been produced in the past.

Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews Team Up

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    Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews regularly team up on the ice with the Chicago Blackhawks, but this commercial allowed the two teammates to team up when trying to pick up a few ladies.

    The commercial is promoting a smartphone that allows users to video call, share pictures and other pertinent smartphone swag but the production of this commercial is pretty solid. 

    The use of a hockey announcer to commentate the action as it happens make this a memorable and funny hockey-themed commercial.

Hockey Players Have Fun on the Road

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    Have you ever wondered what NHL players are like on the road? This video takes a comedic approach to illustrate what players do when they are staying in hotels on the road.

    It features Alex Ovechkin running up a huge room service tab, the Staal brothers engaging in pillow fights and Brendan Shanahan partaking in some water balloon shenanigans.

    If you have ever watched the baseball movie "Rookie of the Year", a lot of stunts pulled off in this video are reminiscent of the generic rookie behavior showcased in that 1993 movie.

Patrick Kane's Credit Card

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    During the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the NHL decided to run a few commercials featuring some top stars using credit cards at popular locales.

    Patrick Kane is in a hotel and he is attempting to use his credit card and he runs into some issues. Kane is then forced to deal with the infamous Peggy. 

    Peggy is a bumbling sales representative who is more interested in learning how to score from the left side then doing his job. 

    Kane is abruptly disconnected and Discover rolls out its amazing customer service guarantee in order to promote the use of their credit card.

    All in all, this was a memorable commercial that really got the message across.

Tim Thomas Is Peggy's Next Victim

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    This commercial follows the same basic setup as the previous commercial, but this situation places Boston Bruins starting netminder, sans mask, in a Boston cab.

    When Peggy is unsuccessful in helping Thomas, the netminder tries to plead his case using his fame as a way to verify his identity. The cabbie, infatuated with a masked Tim Thomas, doesn't believe it is him.

    It has been said that goalies are identified by the masks they wear and this commercial certainly proves that point.

Passionate Fans Commercial

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    This Honda commercial had a couple of elements that made this television spot great. It features Corey Perry and Nicklas Lidstrom carpooling home after a pickup game. When the two are in the car, hats appear on the hood to symbolize the hat trick tradition.

    Before the duo pulls away, an octopus is thrown on the car's windshield as an obvious nod to Lidstrom and the Detroit Red Wings.

    This commercial really sums up the passion of the fans and it features a lot of great hockey elements.

Brad Richards Doesn't Like "Glitchers"

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    This is probably one of the best EA Sports commercials of all time. The franchise released NHL 2005 even though the NHL was locked out during the 2004-05 season.

    The commercial features Vincent Lecavalier exploiting a glitch to score goal after goal on Brad Richards.

    Like a normal gamer, Richards calls out Lecavalier and tells him that he is exploiting a glitch. When Lecavalier tells him just to play the game, Richards smacks the controller out of his hand.

    This commercial is very realistic because most hockey fans have that one friend who tries to exploit glitches, and then claim that they are much better than you.

Evgeni Malkin's Flip Cam

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    Before the development of superior smartphones with built in video-cameras, Flip cams were a popular gadget for most techies. This video follows the basic principle of a Flip commercial by displaying a user creating an amazing video with their HD camera.

    This is a simple commercial featuring skilled puck wizard Evgeni Malkin using a camera to film his everyday routines. This is a great hockey-themed commercial because it can convince the fans that they can look as good as Malkin if they use a Flip cam to film their tricks.

ESPN's Climate Change

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    This commercial follows the basic principle of ESPN's "This is SportsCenter" television  spots. It features a ESPN worker adjusting the temperature to her liking even though a sign instructs associates not to touch the thermostat.

    The Pittsburgh Penguins' mascot Iceberg walks by and turns the temperature all the way down to cool the building down. Lastly, the New Jersey Devils' mascot turns the heat up because he likes it "hot as hell".

    This is a simple commercial many fans have seen while waking up and watching ESPN so it is simple and informative enough to get the message across.

The NHL's Odd Couple

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    This commercial featuring Wayne Gretzky and Mark Messier is a great spoof of the classic television show "The Odd Couple". It uses the same music and same premise of the original show, and features the different lifestyles of Gretzky and Messier.

    When Messier litters and shows total disregard, Gretzky cleans up his mess and the commercials ends with their fate as teammates up in the air.

    This additional clip does a great job comparing the two commercials and it really is one of the better hockey-themed commercials in the history of the league.

1998 McDonald's Olympic Commercial

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    Brian Leetch and Wayne Gretzky were New York Rangers teammates during the late 1990s, but during February of 1998, the two were bitter rivals.

    When Leetch is finished with his skate session inside an Olympic arena, he decides to practice some figure skating maneuvers because he thinks no one is watching.

    When he finishes up, he realizes that Gretzky was standing there the entire time. The Great One then decides to blackmail Leetch into buying him lunch or he will expose his "twinkletoes" side.

    This was a pretty funny commercial and it was pretty ironic for a swift and nimble player like Gretzky to call Leetch twinkletoes.