Just in Case You Were Wondering, Brian Wilson Is Still Quirky, Don't Worry

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterSeptember 18, 2012

Photo Credit: SF Gate
Photo Credit: SF Gate

For those staying up all hours of the night with the shakes, cigarette ashes sprinkling the floor as your hands quiver from the nerves, Brian Wilson is still Brian Wilson. 

You can call off the support group, because The Beard is doing just fine. 

At least, we think things are fairly status quo for the Giants closer as he continues to come back from injury. 

This picture from SF Gate (h/t BuzzFeed) leads us to believe he is still trucking as the most enigmatic MLB star out there. 

Let's break this thing down like it was vital game film. 

First off, the SF Gate report confirms that the sneakers on Wilson's feet are indeed the Nike MAG's, making us jealous we are not Wilson for the first time ever. 

Yes, his rocking the Marty McFly's is what did it for us. 

Instead of riding to work on a hover board, something we wouldn't put past Wilson even though those are yet to be invented, he is chugging along on the geekiest scooter we have ever seen. 

Which kind of makes us wish we had a turn riding this around town. 

We forgo the upturned hat, purple sleeves and cargo shorts as rather benign fare, especially for the king of awkward. 

The real piece that brought the wardrobe together was, of course, the fanny pack. That article can currently be seen worn by everyone from 80-year-olds to hipsters. Oh, and they are ubiquitous in pictures of my eight-year-old self. 

I kid Brian Wilson but envy him as well. He marches to the beat of his own drum.

Only it's a synthesized dubstep drum, and you can only hear it if you are on some designer drugs. 


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