Johan Santana Will Start Opening Day

danny perezContributor IMarch 4, 2009

These infatuations with over hyping injuries that aren’t are really a waste of everyone’s time. I understand we need to be overly cautious with Johan, but let’s see how this plays out before assuming who is or isn’t pitching on opening day.

For those that haven’t noticed, it’s only MARCH 4. Opening day is over a month away, and here we are riding this daily ‘is he’ or ‘is he not’ pitching on opening day roller coaster. Things can change in an iffy especially with so much time to go until opening day.

Roller-coaster ride recap

First Santana feels a little sore after throwing. After brief hesitation, the Mets being overly cautious plan on sending him back to NY for an MRI. Then he throws a bullpen session before going to NY. He feels great

Plans for the MRI are scrapped. Then yesterday there are reports that there’s a good chance Santana might not be the opening day starter. In the meantime, he goes out and throws a 46-pitch bullpen and predicts he will pitch on opening day.

Even pitching coach Dan Warthen needs settle down, saying yesterday that chances are “almost nil” that Santana is starting opening day. But as Adam Rubin reports today, Warthen backs off that by saying “all plans have to have room for modification” and Santana indicated that Warthen's schedule for him is too conservative.

Note to Dan: Stop unnecessarily fueling this roller coaster and start treating Johan like a professional, not a two-year old.

Santana is mindful of Dan Warthen being more protective than Hulk Hogan watching Brook go on a first date.

Said Santana: "We are in this thing together, and I appreciate everything he's doing. He's trying to protect me and the team, of course. But as of right now, my mindset is for Opening Day. We've got to go one day at a time and see what's going on. We're making progress every time, every day, and we're on the right track.

"It's not like we're getting any setbacks or anything. I took a couple of days off last week, but I don't think that will be a big thing not to open Day 1. Last week, just because I took a day off, doesn't mean I'm not going to start on Day 1. As of right now, my mindset is for Opening Day. That's about it."

"I appreciate everything they're doing, and Dan is doing, trying to protect me and trying to keep me healthy, but I'm a professional. I know exactly what it takes for me to be ready. I've been doing this for years now, and I know exactly what I have to do. I'm pretty sure I'll be ready for Opening Day."

"We have a full month to get everything," Santana said. "It's just like any other spring training. You have a whole month to get ready. I don't see any difference this time. We started earlier this year, but it's still a month away from Opening Day."


It looks like the media is really missing the signals and glamorizing the potential negative without really giving intellectual thought to the situation on hand. Here are some facts being overlooked in this make believe roller coaster the media is taking us on.

*It’s spring and guys will be sore, it’s normal, especially in guys that aren’t popping ‘roids’.

*There is over a month to go in spring training, plenty of time to work on the soreness.

*Santana threw two bullpen sessions, and one of almost 50 pitches. IF THERE WAS ANY CHANCE THAT THIS IS SERIOUS IN ANY WAY, HE WOULD NOT BE THROWING ANY PITCHES (example Billy Wagner & Duanner Sanchez injuries). Fifty pitches is almost comparable to pitching a half of a whole baseball game.

Read his lips, he is a professional, he has been doing this for years now, knows exactly what he needs to do to get ready, and is pretty sure he’ll be ready for day 1.

This roller coaster has no merit; I’m jumping off.

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