Prokom Cheerleaders Are Poland's Best-Kept Secret

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterSeptember 18, 2012

Photo Credit: Prokom Cheerleader Facebook
Photo Credit: Prokom Cheerleader Facebook

Oh, Europe. Try as you might, you couldn't keep the Prokom Cheerleaders a secret any longer.

Granted, there may not have been any conspiracy to shield us from these sports enthusiasts. In all honesty, we blame ourselves for our myopia. 

Otherwise we would have caught wind of this spirit squad long before With Leather uncovered the best sporting news to come out of Poland recently. 

As With Leather points out, Google Translate delivers some linguistic help on what this troop does each season. Here is their description at their official website

For many seasons, every fan in the hall watching the matches ośmiokrotnych (eight-time) Polish Champion, is also a unique opportunity to enjoy dance performances by a group of beautiful girls—"Prokom Cheerleaders." Dancers are always accompanied by Asseco Prokom for players and without them it is difficult to imagine a basketball show in Gdynia.

Asseco Prokom Gdynia is a basketball club which plays in the Polish Basketball League. They hold nine Polish Championships, winning their last one as recently as this year. 

They also hold four Polish Cups and a 2010 Super Cup victory. 

As for their cheerleading squad, they are world class. Their Facebook page shows the world travelers at several events outside their basketball comfort zone. 

They have entertained everywhere from the soccer pitch to the Bella Cup, a clay-court tennis tournament. 

The world seems a little brighter today knowing the Prokom Cheerleaders are out there being beautiful and cheering. 

Poland, you may play coy, but we have ways of finding out about your priceless treasures. 


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