Requiem for a Heel: Untold Stories of Billy Firehawk

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Requiem for a Heel: Untold Stories of Billy Firehawk
William Hawkins aka Hawk, The Black Sultan, and Billy Firehawk

The Red Falcon had been battered from pillar to post. The evil Black Sultan pummeled him with clotheslines, body slams, vicious chops and had thrown salt in Falcon’s eyes. But now, the Sultan was down, and the Falcon had climbed to a precarious perch on the top rope.  Seizing his chance, the Red Falcon flew and crushed the Sultan with an elbow drop for the three count!

It all started with G.I. Joe action figures. It was the late '90s in New York City. An avowed nerd and, at the time, an avid toy collector, I was on the hunt for new stuff. In Forbidden Planet, I was selecting Joe figures when a voice behind me asked how big my collection was and would I be interested in buying his? This is how I met Bill “Hawk” Hawkins.

Soon, numbers were exchanged, a list was made and a price was agreed upon. I met Hawk in Scruffy Duffy’s in Hell’s Kitchen to buy some Joes from him. Coolest toy buy ever. Chatting over a beer, Hawk told me he was a pro wrestler. I was excited to hear this, as I was a huge fan at the time. I eagerly pressed him for stories of his career. 

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