MLB 2008 Predictions: A Quick Look Into The Future

Scott FenderCorrespondent IMarch 17, 2008

Angels-AL West

Tigers- AL Central

Red Sox- AL East

Tampa Bay Rays- AL Wild Card



Braves- NL East

Cubs- NL Central

Diamondbacks- NL West

Brewers- NL Wild Card



Angels beat Rays (3 games)

Tigers beat Sox (5 games)


Brewers beat Diamondbacks (5 games)

Braves beat Cubs (4 games)



Angels beat Tigers (6 games)

Brewers beat Braves (6 games)



Angels beat Brewers (7 games)

NL beats AL in the All Star Game (7-3)

Prince Fielder MVP

Prince Fielder wins Home Run Derby beating out Ryan Braun

biggest trade deadline move sends Mark Prior and Khalil Green from Padres to Angels for Izturis or (Aybar depending on who is statrting the starter will go) Willits, and Chris Bootcheck


Barry Bonds will not sign this year unless the Type A free agent can get removed from him... if it does look for the Rays, Reds, Pirates, Dodgers, and Yankees to go after him

Clemens will not sign this year and will retire

Randy Johnson will win Comeback player of the year with Kerry Wood behind in voting

AL MVP goes to Carl Crawford with Vlad, Torii, and Cabrera behind in voting

NL MVP goes to Prince Fielder with  Texiera, Byrnes, and D. Lee behind in voting

AL Cy Young goes to Beckett with LAcket, C.C., and Kazmir behind in voting

NL Cy Young goes to Chris Young with Zambrano, Randy Johnson, and Smoltz bhind in voting

AL rookie goes to Evan Longoria with Gio Gonzalez behind in voting

NL rookie goes to Adam Jones (if he is eligible if not then look for the award to go to Hiroki Kuroda if Japanese players can't win R.O.T.Y. awards then Jair Jurrjens to win with Cameron Maybin behind in voting