Which SEC Power Has Inside Track on Monstrous 6'5'', 330-Pound OT?

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIISeptember 18, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

Kenneth Santa Marina is a big-time 4-star offensive tackle prospect that would be a perfect fit for some lucky SEC team and, apparently, his choices are down to the SEC's two biggest powers.

According to an interview Santa Marina did with Chad Simmons of Scout.com, LSU and Alabama are his two favorites at the moment.

There's not a doubt in my mind that both Nick Saban and Les Miles would be absolutely giddy about bringing on an offensive lineman with his size, so the question now becomes: who is going to have the inside track?

Both schools are great choices for the young football player, and picking either school could lead to a ton of success. Not only do both schools boast elite college football programs, but the national attention and spotlight they attract has to be attractive to elite recruits.

Both programs have excellent coaches, so Santa Marina would have the opportunity to learn under the best in country either way he chooses.

He's obviously a very big player at 6'5'', 330 pounds, and he has a ton of raw potential. For such a tall player, he gets really low on his blocks and displays a good amount of leverage.

He fires off the ball in the run game and can get to the second level, which is an integral quality to have if you want to play offensive line for either Alabama or LSU's run-heavy offense.

We've come this far with both schools looking pretty equal, so who holds the trump card?

The advantage is going to have to go to the LSU Tigers, on proximity alone.

Santa Marina is from New Orleans, La., and he mentions that he grew up with an attachment to the Tigers in his interview with Simmons. He also talks about the pressure he gets from people around him to go to the home-state school instead off going elsewhere.

I believe this will all play a factor into Santa Marina's decision. He'll be able to play closer to home, play for the school he grew up liking and still have the very same national championship opportunities and attention he would get if he decided to go to Alabama.

It's a tough call, but LSU should be the SEC powerhouse that is able to get a commit from the big 4-star offensive lineman.

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