Why Braxton Miller Will Surpass Troy Smith as the Best QB in Buckeye History

Billy George@@billzonwheelzCorrespondent IISeptember 18, 2012

Why Braxton Miller Will Surpass Troy Smith as the Best QB in Buckeye History

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    Ohio State quarterback Troy Smith took home the Heisman Trophy, winning by the biggest margin in Heisman voting history. You would think it would be hard to live up to the billing of such a quarterback. However, can Braxton Miller do just that?

    Similar in his dual-threat abilities, here are five reasons why Braxton Miller will be better than Troy Smith, accomplishing more in his career. 

5. Miller's Early Start

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    When Troy Smith first came onto the scene of things, he was a second-string sophomore who backed up highly-touted recruit Justin Zwick. Smith wasn't named the official starter until halfway through his junior season.

    On the other hand, Braxton Miller got the starting nod just a few games into his freshman season. Miller will do more in four years than Troy Smith did in just a year and a half. 

4. Lack of Supporting Cast Around Miller

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    During Troy Smith's career, he was blessed enough to have guys like Santonio Holmes, Antonio Pittman, Ted Ginn, Jr. and Chris “Beanie” Wells around him. Since Braxton Miller doesn't have as many weapons at his disposal, his individual talents will be more apparent. 

3. The Rushing Game

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    While Troy Smith was just as fast as Miller and his dual-threat capabilities kept defenses honest, he seemed to abandon such abilities by the time his senior season rolled around.

    I can't see Braxton Miller ever shying away from his run game in Urban Meyer's offense, as it is what makes him as special as he is. 

2. Miller's Numbers In the Michigan Rivalry

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    Don't get me wrong, Troy Smith is known as a Wolverine killer, as he tallied up 1,051 total yards against “that team up north” in his career.

    Miller is on pace to surpass what Smith accomplished in the rivalry, as he racked up 335 yards and three touchdowns against the Wolverines as just a freshman 

1. Urban Meyer's Spread Offense

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    Let's face it, Tom Herman and Urban Meyer's up-tempo spread offense is basically made so that guys like Braxton Miller could have success. 

    Three years in such an offense, and Miller will redefine what it means to play quarterback at THE Ohio State University!