5 NBA Players We Want to See Host Saturday Night Live

Sam CooperCorrespondent IIISeptember 17, 2012

5 NBA Players We Want to See Host Saturday Night Live

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    It may not come in the job description, but there are a lot of funny players in the NBA. Some people just have a natural talent when it comes to comedy and making people laugh. And because NBA players are also always in front of crowds and in the public eye, you would think that some of the especially comedic players would be great for TV, and specifically Saturday Night Live.

    SNL has had many athletes host the program before, but not too often do NBA players get a chance. The last time a basketball player hosted the program was LeBron James in 2007, and before that it was Charles Barkley all the way back in 1993.

    But some of these current guys have potential, and they would easily be able to entertain a crowd if they were given the opportunity. 

    So, without further ado, here are five NBA players that should host Saturday Night Live. 

Brian Scalabrine

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    No, I'm not kidding. This is not some joke about Brian Scalabrine being the best 12th man in history or the GOAT. Scalabrine is a very funny guy, and no matter how he got his publicity, people know his name. 

    Scalabrine has been a fan favorite across the entire NBA for years now, and there is no doubt that he would attract a crowd for the TV show. He is definitely the only bench warmer in the league that even casual NBA fans know the name of. 

    In addition, Scalabrine seems like someone who wants to be on TV. Why? Well, he did just turn down a Bulls' assistant coaching job to join Comcast SportsNet New England as a commentator. He looks like he has some interest in remaining in the public eye even after retiring. 

    Besides all that, the "White Mamba" is a funny guy. Whether it be embarrassing reporters in post game interviews or just showing off his great dance moves, he is a perfect fit for a skit comedy show like SNL. 

Kevin Love

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    Kevin Love has emerged as one of the greatest young players in the game, but he's also pretty funny. The intentionally bad and dry humored skit he did in this video is exactly the sort of thing he'd be doing on SNL, so you can say he already has some experience.

    He also made this great video with Tyson Chandler and Shawn Marion for Funny or Die last season. 

    Love can even be funny without really trying. He is one of the most awkward players in the NBA and is known for awkward and hilarious moments on the court such as this one. And how about this picture that he posted of himself? He obviously isn't afraid to experiment and change his look to fit in a role for a skit. 

    Love is funny, he's one of the league's best, and he is a good guy and a popular person. A lot of people would tune in to watch him. Why not give him a chance? 

Blake Griffin

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    Blake Griffin may be an NBA all-star and Slam Dunk champion, but those aren't the only reasons he's popular. Griffin is also a hilarious guy on and off the court. He was in the video with Kevin Love in the last slide, but he's done so much more. 

    He's had a lot of funny moments, such as starting a ping pong career, switching bodies with Norm MacDonald, being a reporter with DeAndre Jordan or even just acting like an airplane during a game. Griffin has done a lot. Oh, and he also took an unpaid internship with Funny or Die. 

    He's a popular player, he's a funny guy with some talent and experience, and he does seem willing to participate in a lot of commercials, so I'm willing to bet he'd accept an offer from SNL if the opportunity were to present itself. 

Steve Nash

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    Steve Nash is without a doubt one of the best role models in the NBA. He's an extremely likable player for both his unselfish play on the court and his personality off the court. There can't be many who dislike Nash, so it's safe to say he would attract a lot of viewers if he hosted Saturday Night Live. 

    On top of that, Nash is constantly in funny videos, and a lot of silly videos too. In his own little YouTube series "Nash, Camera, Action!", Nash has made parodies of several different movies, including The Dark Knight Rises, Star Wars, Paranormal Activity, The Bourne Legacy, The Amazing Spiderman and more.

    He's also done some funny videos for Vitamin Water too, including being the most ridiculous man in the world for a Dos Equis commercial parody or just showing up at Vitamin Water HQ

    Nash would be a great guy to have host Saturday Night Live. He's already made a name for himself as an NBA legend, and now he can show off his comedic talents as well.

    And now that he's in L.A, maybe he'll even have other opportunities in TV or movies in the future. 

Dwight Howard

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    Speaking of players now in Los Angeles, how about Dwight Howard? It's one thing to have some natural talent, but Howard is not afraid to use both his good and less good impressions, which can often be key in turning a good SNL skit into a fantastic skit. 

    Howard is also a cool and playful guy. He's always pulling pranks on other people, such as the pranks on Derrick Rose, Tim Duncan, Chauncey Billups or David Lee in the video.

    And what about these dance moves with LeBron and Shaq? Sure those can come in handy if he's the host. 

    Howard's popularity might possibly have slipped after all the drama over the past year, but he would still attract a lot of viewers to the show. It would be a great idea for NBC to bring him on the show for a night.