49ers' Alex Smith and Michael Crabtree Suffer Greatest Videobomb of All Time

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterSeptember 17, 2012

Take notes from one of the most brilliant videobombers we have ever seen. 

Most impromptu cameos from fans on camera are brief. Either person in the interview usually catches wind of something right away and a videobomb moment is destroyed. 

Not here. 

For some reason, everything seemed to work out for our awkward football fan here. The man is on camera for what seems to be an eternity. 

As Alex Smith and Michael Crabtree get interviewed about their triumph over the Lions, the audience catches something far more interesting: a hooded-sweatshirt videobomber. 

Larry Brown Sports points out that he seems to have a credential, making it plausible that he was granted entry onto the field. 

Still, he is no doubt enamored with his screen presence on live national television. 

He actually does every thing aside from tapping the 49ers stars on the shoulders in order to get caught. He breaks the fourth wall like Zack Morris and just stares bizarrely into the camera while his pals at home no doubt record the entire mess. 

He used up every last second of his 15 minutes of fame in about 120 seconds, but he now holds the record for the longest videobomb in history, a record I just now made up. 

Next time, he should just start answering the questions for Alex Smith, because it may be more entertaining than what we normally get in a post-game wrap-up. 

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