Carey Price Has Golden Opportunity in Buffalo

Earl CollierContributor IMarch 4, 2009

While sitting on the sidelines, goaltender Carey Price has watched his esteemed colleague Jaoslav Halak flash the midas touch against baffled opponents.

The post-All-Star game hangover has set off a rocky downward spiral for Price, who is arguably the most prestigious Habs prodigy to come along since Patrick Roy.

Great expectations are often interrupted and riddled by periods of great disappointment. Perhaps destiny has a comeback in store.

Just a week ago, it seemed certain that Halak had succeeded in pulling off a colossal coup d’état by capturing the coveted number one job in Montreal, but a sudden twist of fate has Price back in the hot seat.

Jaroslav Halak is battling the flu, so Price has been given the reins in an important game against the Sabres in Buffalo tonight.  

With only four points separating the Habs from ninth place, every point is crucial if they hope to make the playoffs this all important centennial season.

Will Price find his confidence, silence the media hounds and put his recent debacle behind him? Only he can provide the answer to these questions and he has his big chance tonight.