March Madness 2008 Cinderella: Kansas State

Drew HigginsCorrespondent IMarch 17, 2008

I picked K-State to be my Cinderella for one reason: Michael Beasley

Beasley has single handedly brought K-State to the tourament and will take them to the Sweet 16 all by himself. But then they run into second seeded Georgtown and will sadly lose. 

After watching him take down Kanas earlier this year, I was very impressed with how he played. He has brought this team to where it is and if he stays in college (very unlikely) he could eventually get to a Final Four. 

Another Freshman I like on this team is Bill Walker.  He was the second best player on this team right after Beasley.  I really hope this kid is not a one and done player but we will see.  Teams do have a hard time covering both of these kids.  But they do need mor role players to make this team a contender.

But for right now the farthest I feel he can bring them is the Sweet 16. If he had a better supporting cast this might be a two or three seed, but, I digress. 

But, Micheal Beasley is my main reason for K-State to knock off USC and Wisconsin.