25 Worst Celebration Fails in Sports History

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterSeptember 17, 2012

25 Worst Celebration Fails in Sports History

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    Professional sports are pretty intense for everyone involved. Obviously, the players are going head-to-head in the heat of battle, and emotions are running high. When they flub a play or lose a game altogether, it's the lowest of lows. Conversely, when they score and win the game, it's the highest of highs. 

    And it's not just the athletes who are on this emotional roller coaster. Fans are always along for the ride, and whether their team wins or loses, they often handle it with far less dignity than those on the field.

    Let's take a look at the 25 worst celebration fails in sports history.

25. You Couldn't Handle a Celebration in Scotland

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    Unlike many celebration fails, the good news here is that the Scottish team actually won the game. The celebration wasn't a premature spectacle after the ball bounced over the goal or got waived off because of some BS technicality.

    What I find fascinating here is the way in which the Scottish team celebrates its defeat over those pesky Australians. No high-fives or hugs in this game—heck no. The Scots celebrated by gathering together and slamming their heads into each other. 

    It's seriously legit. There's blood involved. 

24. Phillies Fan Celebrates World Series by Running into Traffic

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    Philadelphia is a really interesting place. I'm from Pittsburgh, so we're supposed to be mortal enemies, but I can't help but respect/fear the insanity of its sports fans.

    When the Phillies won the World Series in 2008, the entire city was a sh*t show, but that happens in a lot of cities. 

    There's the standard couch fires, looting, beatings and just general fan rioting on the streets.

    And then there's theses dudes.

    You know who doesn't give an eff about the Phillies? A cab driver. So why they thought dancing on the hood of a cab was a good idea is anyone's guess. 

    But let's just say dude paid the price and looked like a complete ass doing it.  

23. Rashard Mendenhall's Celebration Dry-Hump

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    I'm a Steelers fan (spare me the hate mail, jags), so I can assure you that on-the-field dry-humping isn't how my boys in black and gold usually celebrate. Rashard "Osama bin Laden didn't get a fair shake" Mendenhall is clearly the exception. 

    When the Steelers beat down the Jets in the 2011 AFC Championship Game and earned a Super Bowl berth, no one was more excited than their mediocre running back. Mendenhall gave quarterback Ben Roethlisberger a celebratory dry-hump right there on the field. 

    That's something best saved for the locker room at the gym, boys. 

22. Idiot Adult Celebrates Goal Like a Little Girl

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    This actually doesn't look like any serious competition.

    I have no idea what is going on in this video, actually. It starts off as, what looks to be, a legit soccer game, but then transitions into, what looks to be, kicking things. 

    Turns out, though, the idiot managed to kick the ball into the goal, and boy, was he psyched about it. You would have thought he just won the World Cup, and he celebrated like a little girl rolling down a hill near a meadow filled with daisies. 

    Manly, dude. 

21. Giants Fan Can't Wait to See SANCHEZ!!!!!!!

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    I really hate furthering gender stereotypes, but I tend to do it a lot.

    I run into the street and almost get hit by cars to avoid bugs. I'm absolutely terrible at math. I don't care about automobiles in general, and I hate TV shows about them. And I watch Bachelor Pad. 

    That being said, it's not all bad. My favorite movie is Fight Club, the Beastie Boys are in my soul (figuratively), my apartment is sparsely decorated with mostly pictures of Frank Sinatra and I'm absolutely obsessed with sports. 

    This girl, though…jeez. She sets women back so far that I almost want to take a math class to make up for her idiocy. 

20. The Pirates Are Bad at Winning, Big Surprise

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    Here are your Pittsburgh Pirates, ladies and gentlemen!

    I know Pittsburghers and media types alike were all about the Pirates bandwagon this summer when it looked like they were going to finally end their steak of 19 consecutive losing seasons. 

    It would have been pretty sweet to stop it from reaching 20, but that's looking more and more unlikely with each passing day—and forget about the playoffs. Honestly, it's probably for the best, because these dudes just don't know how to win. 

    Check out this "celebration" after a walk-off win in 2010. 

19. Michael Boley: "Suck on That, Geek!"

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    It's always exciting when a defensive player gets the opportunity to score a touchdown. It just doesn't happen all that often, particularly for linebackers. So, you can't really fault one for celebrating like a dummy for putting six up on the board. 

    I take that back. You can't fault them for celebrating like a dummy, unless you're Giants linebacker Michael Boley.

    After scoring in a game against the Rams in 2011, Boley skipped the theatrics, opting instead to heave the ball at some poor, nerdy intern. 

    Suck it, nerd

18. Don't Try to Hog the Spotlight from This Dude

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    Thank you, as always, to FAIL Blog for bringing us some of the most hilarious fails in the world. I don't know which teams are playing, but I do know they're playing soccer—so there's that. 

    All anyone really needs to know is that this guy scores a goal, and he has no interest in celebrating with anyone but his damn self. Kind of a fail...but it's a win in my book. 

17. Bills Fan Celebrates Win with Booze—Lots and Lots of Booze

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    Bills fans haven't had a lot to celebrate over the last decade, so you can't blame this dude for going overboard during their great start in 2011.

    Well, I don't blame him for indulging in a little hooch, but I do worry about how he got home. 

    I've never been that drunk before, but I once saw a Capitals fan drink much, and I did pretty much the same thing; laughed my ass off watching him stumble around like a fool until he finally crashed into a gutter, and then I had to get involved in something ugly. 

16. Dominic Moore Celebrates Not a Goal

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    The 2011 NHL playoffs didn't go all that well for the Penguins. In fact, they didn't even survive their first-round matchup against the Lightning.

    The highlight for the Pens probably came with a Lightning celebration fail in Game 1. 

    Dominic Moore shot at the net and obviously thought he got the puck between Pens goalie Marc-Andre Fleury and raised his arms in celebration. After a quick celebration, Moore awkwardly had to resume playing when he realized everyone else was. 

15. Kids Fail and Fail and Fail

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    I've been told that you're not supposed to be mean to kids, but I'm just not very maternal. I don't think kids learn anything from being coddled. When they act like idiots, the best thing that we as a society can do is tell them they're idiots. 

    These two kids are idiots. This is one of the dumbest "celebrations" I've ever seen, and their meticulously practiced celebration handshake is less funny, more awkward and tragically dumber than a Kate Hudson movie. 

    Aim higher, boys. 

14. Soccer Goal Celebration Face-Plant

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    FAIL Blog doesn't always give all the details of an event, but sometimes you just don't need them. Like in this instance. 

    This guy is celebrating a goal that may or may not have won the game. Who cares? The only thing I care about is him taking one of the most epic face-plants in soccer history. 

13. A Touchdown Is Nullified by Indignity

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    I don't know what BS football league these dudes are playing in, although I suspect it's the Canadian League, but it really doesn't matter. When a touchdown is scored, even in Canada, there is reason for celebration. 

    That is…unless you're too much of a doofus to celebrate your own touchdown.

    This guy scores, looks lost, maybe spikes the ball (maybe just misplaces it) and then trips into an opposing player who proceeds to fall on his face. 

    I'd rather have just never scored a touchdown at all. 

12. A Celebration Fail—But What Were They Celebrating?

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    This is one of my favorite celebration-fail videos of all time. Nobody can produce an awkward moment for the ages like a couple of awkward junior-high-school boys. This isn't exactly professional ball, but I expect a little more, even from these kids. 

    I'm not even sure what the kids in this video are celebrating. I know damn well they didn't score the game-winning basket or anything, because the other team had the ball. Perhaps they won the game, but it really doesn't look like it's over. 

    From what I can tell, a couple of nerds were celebrating halftime by trying to slam into each other. A bad idea even if they had pulled it off, but considering they miss and one hits the court back-first like a ton of bricks, it's even worse. 

11. Marshall Opts for a Fumble over a Touchdown

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    I say that former Marshall wide receiver Aaron Dobson "opted" for a fumble instead of a touchdown because that's basically what happened.

    In September 2010, Marshall was up against its in-state rival, WVU, and things were looking good for the home team. 

    Fans were going wild after what, at first glance, looked like a 96-yard bomb to Dobson for a touchdown that put Marshall up, 14-3. However, upon closer inspection, officials determined that Dobson had dropped the ball just short of the end zone—beginning his celebration just inches too early. 

    The official ruled it a fumble and a touchback, and the Mountaineers got the ball and went on to win the game. Thankfully, the game wasn't in Morgantown—otherwise the city would have been ablaze with flaming couches. 

10. Piggyback Victory Lap? She Should Have Known Better

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    If you're a drinker, like me, you probably know that adult piggyback rides rarely end in a dignified way. I'm not saying that this hurdler at the 2009 Track and Field Championships in Berlin was drunk; in fact, I'm almost certain she wasn't, which means she has no excuse. 

    There are plenty of great ways to celebrate a big victory, and none of them include jumping on the back of a menacing mascot. Why he was there to begin with is anyone's guess, but even in the haze of victory, any sober adult should know better than to jump on that thing's back. 

    And good for the idiot bear, slamming into the only thing on the track. Never trust a man who wears a furry suit for a living. 

9. Rugby Player Pulls a DeSean Jackson

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    Much like Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo's bobbled snap, no matter how great a career Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson may have, he always will be remembered for chucking the football to the ground in celebration before actually scoring a touchdown. 

    Well, apparently there's a rugby equivalent of that boneheaded action. If you actually manage to run through the goal with the ball without getting your skull cracked, you have to touch the ball to the ground before it's considered a score.

    If you fail to remember that minor detail before starting your celebration, you will, in fact, be pummeled from behind by a large man intent on hurting you physically and destroying you emotionally. 

8. Matt Ryan Makes All White People Look Bad

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    The NFL preseason doesn't offer all that much besides giving me a reason to drink in the afternoon, but all that changed in August 2011. 

    I remember the exact moment I saw Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan attempt to chest bump his teammates—and fail miserably—on SportsCenter. I was sitting on my couch in my living room, and I spent the next three hours giggling intermittently and Google Chatting everyone I knew to see if they had seen the event that changed my life.

7. Gus Frerotte, You're Doing It Wrong

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    I don't really know much about the career of former Redskins quarterback Gus Frerotte, and you probably don't either since he didn't have much of an NFL career. He was a journeyman backup who is tragically best known for this video. 

    The Giants and Redskins played to a 7-7 tie on ESPN's Sunday Night Football, and the Skins' quarterback celebrated by ramming his head into a padded cement wall—cementing his place in history and spraining his neck in the process. 

6. Nate Robinson Celebrates by Almost Breaking His Neck

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    Listen, a buzzer-beater to win the game is always worth celebrating. However, it's important to remember that it's just a game, and it's not worth cracking your skull over.

    Or maybe Paul Pierce just should have been a better teammate. 

    Whatever. In December 2010, The Truth scored a buzzer-beater in a nail-biter against the Knicks, and his supportive teammate, Nate Robinson, wanted to share his big moment with him. Pierce was having none of it, though. 

    Robinson scaled him like Mt. Everest twice, trying to give him the best bro hug east of the Mississippi, but Pierce was unmoved, and Robinson fell face-first to the court. 

5. Marion Barber Pretty Much Sums Up His Career

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    I've made no secret of my disdain for retired running back Marion Barber. He's one of the biggest underachievers of the decade, and when he retired after the 2011 season, absolutely no one cared in the slightest. 

    As far as I'm concerned, this "celebration" is the biggest achievement of his career. Barber celebrated just one of his six touchdowns all season in a game against the Panthers with a backflip.

    Just like his whole career, he came up short and landed on his face. 

    And it was during a game that the Bears just barely beat the less-than-formidable Panthers. 

4. But We Won the Game? WTF!

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    When something like this happens to your team, it's probably pretty safe to say that God hates you.

    Just kidding. All I'm saying is that there really is no good way to lose, but this has got to be the very worst. 

    A few years back, this basketball team—and all its coaches and fans—thought it hit the game-winning shot and instantly began their celebration. Too bad time hadn't expired, and the other team managed to score the actual game-winning basket seconds later. 

    Ouch, dude. Ouch. 

3. A Very Sad Cyclist Learns a Lesson About Karma

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    Everyone has heard the expression "It ain't over till it's over."

    Sure, it's a stupid cliche, but that doesn't mean it's not something worth keeping in mind during a competition. I know there's at least one cyclist who wishes he had. 

    A few years back, this cyclist was so overcome with enthusiasm for his big win that he forgot he hadn't won yet. He threw his arms up in victory and promptly crashed to the ground.

    The guy right behind him is lucky he didn't crash from laughing at the first guy. 

2. Oh, DeSean! You Almost Had That One—Almost

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    Considering how long it took the Eagles to get wide receiver DeSean Jackson's long-term contract done, the organization clearly spent plenty of time pondering events such as this one. 

    In his rookie season, Jackson caught a Donovan McNabb touchdown that put the Eagles up six points on the hated Cowboys.

    Except he didn't; Jackson celebrated just a bit too early…like before-he-crossed-the-goal-line early. 

1. Kicker Bill Gramatica Defines His Career

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    Kickers aren't the most respected of athletes—not by a long shot. So you can't really blame one for getting a little overenthusiastic when he has a chance to put a few points on the board. 

    In December 2011, that's exactly what Cardinals kicker Bill Gramatica did after putting one through the uprights. He couldn't help but jump in victory—too bad that when he landed he tore his ACL. 

    C'mon, dude. 

So Here We Are—That Was Quite a Wild Ride

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    Yes, that's me in that photo. People do strange things and wear jean shorts in foreign countries when they are younger.