WWE: 10 Reasons Alberto Del Rio Should Not Be World Champion

Drake Oz@drakeozbrSenior Writer IISeptember 18, 2012

WWE: 10 Reasons Alberto Del Rio Should Not Be World Champion

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    It's only been a little more than two years since Alberto Del Rio made his WWE debut.

    Yeah, I know—it's hard for me to believe that too. With the way Del Rio has been pushed during that span, it seems like he's been in the company forever.

    ADR has been at or near the top of the WWE for essentially his entire career, and at least so far, it's been in a bag of mixed results. He's been really good at times and really bad at others.

    Although the creative team continues to push him like a top star, I think it's time for Del Rio to step back from the main-event scene and take a slight drop down the card to the midcard.

    He shouldn't be competing for World titles anytime soon, and he certainly should not actually win a World championship at any point in the near future.

    Here are 10 reasons why.

10. He Flopped Badly During His First Two World Title Reigns

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    Alberto Del Rio had two WWE Championship reigns in 2011, and both title runs were complete and utter flops.

    His first reign started with a Money in the Bank cash-in on a vulnerable CM Punk, lasted just 35 days and featured exactly zero successful pay-per-view title defenses. Meanwhile, his second reign featured one very weak PPV title defense and lasted just 49 days.

    By all accounts, they were very lackluster title reigns that did absolutely nothing for Del Rio or the prestige of the WWE Championship.

    Although I obviously know that it's the creative team that booked these lame title reigns for ADR, the fact of the matter is that he had two forgettable runs with the belt, and as a result, he's completely soured me (and many other wrestling fans) on any future World title reign he might have.

    If he was booked so badly during his first two WWE title runs, why should we expect anything different in the future?

    In all likelihood, another ADR title reign would be another horribly booked snooze-fest.

9. When's the Last Time He Wasn't in the Title Picture?

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    I honestly can't remember the last time that Alberto Del Rio wasn't involved in the World title picture in some way.

    Other than when he was hurt, he's essentially had some sort of presence in the World title scene since he won the Royal Rumble back in January 2011.

    That's absolutely ridiculous.

    I don't care how high creative is on Del Rio or how badly the company wants to build him up to be one of its next top stars. There's absolutely no reason whatsoever for one man to stay in the title picture for two straight years if he's not insanely over, which ADR has never really been.

    ADR doesn't deserve to be a World champion if for no other reason than that he's consistently hovered around the World title scene for far too long already.

8. He Leaves a Lot to Be Desired Outside the Ring

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    I think Alberto Del Rio is a great wrestler who doesn't get nearly as much credit for his in-ring abilities as he should.

    But beyond his skills as a wrestler? He leaves a lot to be desired.

    I'm not sure exactly what it is about ADR, but he seems to lack that "it factor" that most of the WWE's other top stars have. He doesn't stand out the way that CM Punk, Randy Orton and John Cena do.

    While I can see his obvious talent, something just doesn't click to make ADR come across as a bona fide top superstar. Perhaps it's his accent that often makes him hard to understand or his staleness—I don't know.

    But I honestly don't know any other wrestling fan who is captivated by Del Rio or genuinely entertained by him on a consistent basis. That's not necessarily a knock on Del Rio, who can be a very good performer when booked right.

    Rather, it's a knock on the creative team that doesn't do much to make him stand out beyond what he does in the ring.

7. Who Would He Feud With?

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    If the WWE were to put the World Heavyweight title on Alberto Del Rio, who would he possibly feud with?

    Del Rio vs. John Cena and Del Rio vs. CM Punk have been done to death already, and as we all know, so has Del Rio vs. Sheamus. Randy Orton is another option, but the WWE blew that one by giving he and ADR a mini-rivalry of sorts in which the first-ever match between the two was essentially given away on TV.

    Beyond those three, there aren't many other babyface options in the WWE. Though Sin Cara is a definite possibility, ADR has already feuded with Rey Mysterio on more than one occasion, so he doesn't seem like a viable option.

    There are other choices, like Ryback, but I don't see Ryback as a World title contender yet. Plus, it's hard to imagine the WWE putting Ryback and ADR in a feud in which it won't want to book either man to lose.

    So, that's why I can't picture ADR with a World title around his waist: There are simply not enough compelling feuds lined up for him as World champion.

    Unless, of course, you consider Del Rio vs. Mysterio: Part 583 to be must-see TV.

6. He's Already Been Given Enough Opportunities

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    How many opportunities can one guy be given?

    In just two years, the WWE has done anything and everything in its power to get Alberto Del Rio over and turn him into a top star. He's already won two WWE Championships, a Money in the Bank match and the Royal Rumble.

    That's more than 99 percent of WWE stars will accomplish in a career, and yet, it only took Del Rio a little more than a year to rack up all those accomplishments.

    You would think that this would result in ADR being clearly established as one of the WWE's top three or four stars. But as we draw closer to 2013, he actually seems to be regressing rather than progressing.

    Guys like Daniel Bryan and CM Punk took the ball and ran with it when given the opportunity to do so, but ADR has been given the ball four times already (if not more) and appears to be just standing still, if not moving backward.

5. Other Stars Are More Deserving

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    If the WWE puts a World title on Alberto Del Rio again, all the company is really accomplishing is overlooking guys who are more deserving of a World title reign.

    Plenty of WWE stars who aren't currently in the World title picture or haven't been recently should be in the front of the line for a World title shot while Del Rio sits in the back.

    Guys like Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett and even Daniel Bryan haven't been given anywhere near the amount of World title opportunities that Del Rio has gotten up to this point in their careers, and that should change in the very near future.

    Ziggler and Barrett in particular seem poised to finally make that leap from the very tip top of the upper midcard to the World title picture and eventually get that coveted gold around their waists.

    Del Rio has had more than his share of chances to do so. It's time for someone else to get an opportunity.

4. He Doesn't Have a Track Record of Success at the Top

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    Even though Alberto Del Rio has already racked up more on-paper accomplishments than most WWE stars will in a lifetime, he doesn't exactly have a great track record at the top of the WWE.

    If you take a careful look at his main-event and World title runs, they've all resulted in way more bad than good.

    His short-lived World title reigns were atrocious, marked both by matches that didn't live up to expectations and feuds that just didn't click. Meanwhile, his runs as No. 1 contender genuinely fell pretty flat as well.

    We all know how miserably bad ADR's feud with Sheamus has been, and similarly, his World title feud against Edge and his WWE title feuds against CM Punk and John Cena weren't exactly must-see TV, either.

    Whether this is due to Del Rio, poor booking by creative or some combination of both, the bottom line is that ADR as a main-event-caliber superstar simply hasn't worked.

    Although he's shown flashes of potential and delivered in the ring and on the mic at times, Del Rio's time at the top is mostly associated with lackluster performances that really hurt the WWE product.

    Why even try again?

3. He's Not Over Enough

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    Daniel Bryan is over. Kane is over. John Cena is over. CM Punk is over.

    Alberto Del Rio is not.

    While we don't hear crickets whenever he makes his entrance and there was once a point when he was indeed very over, ADR simply doesn't generate the type of reaction you would want your World champion to get.

    He doesn't get a ton of heat (at least not like he used to), and a good portion of the WWE's older fans couldn't care less about him. Obviously, a World champion should be someone that the vast majority of fans genuinely care about, and I'm just not sure that ADR makes fans do that.

    Although Del Rio is passable as an upper-tier star, no one is exactly begging to see him or either drowning him in boos or showering him with cheers when he enters an arena.

    Plenty of WWE stars are currently able to generate a massive reaction from the crowd on a consistent basis, and Del Rio isn't one of them.

    Until he is, a World title run should be completely out of the question.

2. His Feud with Sheamus Has Destroyed His Credibility as a Top Guy

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    Alberto Del Rio has been chasing Sheamus and the World Heavyweight Championship since shortly after WrestleMania 28 back in April.

    That means that he has officially spent more than five months pursuing the World title.

    Unfortunately for ADR, however, his five-month run as the on-again-off-again No. 1 contender didn't exactly do much to build up his credibility as a top star. In fact, I think it did the opposite.

    All that Del Rio has done over the last five months is serve as someone for Sheamus to beat. There was never any point during this feud when I ever seriously considered that Del Rio might end Sheamus' World title reign.

    It was a placeholder feud if I've ever seen one, a rivalry that did absolutely nothing for either Sheamus or Del Rio. In actuality, it probably hurt both superstars in the long run.

    This never-ending rivalry soured a lot of fans on Sheamus, and made Del Rio look like a complete loser, which essentially killed his chances of being taken seriously as a top superstar anytime soon.

1. He's Too Stale

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    Say what you want about the staleness of John Cena or Randy Orton.

    Alberto Del Rio is as stale as they come.

    It genuinely seems like he does the same thing over and over again, and out of all of the WWE's bigger stars, he has probably had less character development than anyone over the past two years.

    At least Cena shows some minor character changes from time to time, as he's done during his feuds with The Rock and Punk. Del Rio, on the other hand, is the same guy now that he was when he debuted in 2010.

    He hasn't altered his gimmick or his persona one bit. Heck, even his colors have remained the same.

    I'm really not trying to dump all this late on Del Rio, but it's my view that he should not even be considered for a run at the top until he alters his gimmick and shows some much-needed character development.

    Until then, send ADR to the midcard. Let him do the same thing week after week there instead.

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