Martin Mayhew Getting It Done?

Leo ShineContributor IMarch 4, 2009

Has Detroit Lions GM Martin Mayhew done enough to make the Detroit Lions better? It's a question I have been asking myself for the last two days.

His new staff consists of a young defensive coordinator as head coach and two coordinators that had limited success last year. In all fairness, both coordinators have had success in the NFL.

As far as personnel, Mayhew added several draft picks including a first round pick and cornerback Anthony Henry by trading Roy Williams and John Kitna to Dallas. He also signed a legitimate No. 2 wide receiver in Bryant Johnson, backup running back Maurice Morris, and added few mid-level players.

Most of the feedback I have heard, along with the media coverage, has praised his efforts. Mayhew stated early in the off season that the Lions would not overpay free agents and he has stuck with this philosophy.

Is it enough that Mayhew made wise fiscal moves or did he miss out on players that are needed to turn around an 0-16 team?

I am going wait to praise him, but he has piqued my interest.