Streaker at Texas vs. Ole Miss Game Gets Destroyed by Security

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I have to believe this security guard was called for an illegal hit, because it was just too good of a tackle on this would-be streaker. 

This video, spotted by Big Lead Sports, features some overzealous streaker who is also a tad bit shy, running across the field during the Ole Miss and Texas game. 

There were two shows of dominance on this day, as the Texas Longhorns annihilated Ole Miss 66-31 and this security guard completely destroyed this streaker. 

We lost a great deal of respect for this streaker when he runs onto the field with what appears to be shorts. I could be wrong, but it looks like he may in fact be wearing something, covering up one of the more modest frat boys ever. 

He should have just worn a body suit like George Costanza

He gets about halfway through the field before he moons the stands. Unlike the Florida streaker last week who got away with his naked caper, this guy has nowhere to run. 

As he looks for an exit, he runs right into a security guard, who decided to lower the boom on him. The last we see of our streaker is a pair of legs that go flailing up into the air. 

If you are going to go streaking, make sure you don't go with a complement of jean shorts and no exit strategy. 

Otherwise you are going to be hit with a world of hurt. 

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