FIFA 13: National Teams in Career Mode Makes FIFA a Must-Own Game

Tim DanielsFeatured ColumnistSeptember 17, 2012


Career mode in the FIFA franchise has always been one of the video game's biggest selling points. The lack of being able to play for a national team has been noticeably absent, however.

That finally comes to an end in FIFA 13.

One of the biggest upgrades to the game is being able to suit up for a national squad to play in international tournaments. That includes the World Championship (World Cup equivalent), European Championship and more, according to EA Sports.

Even though the franchise's career mode has always been terrific compared to many other sports games, the lack of fulfilling international duty has been a disappointment.

After all, it's a major part of a real player's career.

It also brings a completely different dynamic into the mix. Having to play for the same team throughout an entire season tends to get tiresome after awhile. Getting to play for the national team should help keep things fresh from year to year.

That's the most important thing for any video game.

Anything can be fun for a little while, but making it so gamers can come back time after time without having it become dull and boring is what takes a good game to a new level.

Gameplay improvements certainly help, and FIFA 13 has those as well. Eventually those just blend in and gamers lose track of those intricacies, though.

They aren't enough to make the game worth playing for an entire year.

The elite career mode is what will truly make it a must-own game. Along with the national squad addition, all of the usual aspects of the mode return with some tweaks.

Players can still dominate with their favorite club squad before heading home to help their country chase the World Cup. It brings everything full circle and will be the most realistic player-experience the game has ever offered.

And that's what gamers are looking for—realism.

They aren't able to take the field at Old Trafford on weekends, so they look for the next best thing to replicate the experience.

For football fans, FIFA has usually been the answer.

Hopefully the addition lives up to the hype. It's going to quickly become the most scrutinized aspect of the latest version since it's been talked about so much, but all signs point to it making the game even more enjoyable.

The game will be released starting in North America on Sept. 25 and everywhere else throughout the ensuing week.