WWE: Why CM Punk's Title Run Will Reach One Year

Giulio Romano@@JayPhoenix77Correspondent IISeptember 18, 2012

WWE: Why CM Punk's Title Run Will Reach One Year

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    CM Punk has been WWE Champion for over 300 days now. 

    It is a welcomed sight for these old eyes, because it has been years since the WWE universe had such a long-term champion.

    Though there has historically been much criticism when titles are treated like hot potatoes, it usually serves the purpose of going forward with storylines.

    The scene has been rather different as of late. Champions hold on to titles for much longer and it clearly makes a difference.

    Professional wrestling is like theater after all, absolutely not fake!

    Think of it as someone who is in a position A and needs to end up on position B, come the right time and place.

    It is for that very reason CM Punk will be WWE Champion way past the one year mark.

    Are there any other reasons? 

    Flip the page and you will see.

CM Punk Is the Devil

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    The WWE Champion has officially turned to the dark side and executed his switch with excellence.

    It has been a welcomed change all over the WWE Universe, as many felt he was taking a back seat to John Cena, who is clearly still the top "babyface" of the company,

    Playing the villain comes more naturally for some. CM Punk is such a great "heel", so why not allow him to do what he does best?

    He is on a roll right now. Why pull the plug on a good thing? 

    Chasing after an evil Punk and his title will be much more beneficial for John Cena as well. Those that hate the Straight Edge Superstar but have mixed feelings about Captain WWE now have a clear mind to cheer and boo whomever they choose.

Fans Get the Royal Treatment

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    In having CM Punk as the villainous WWE Champion battling the hero (John Cena), the fans of WWE get to relive or experience the magic between these two mega stars.

    It is no secret that every time they meet in the ring, sparks fly. They bring the competition to another level and bring the fans to the edge of their seats with every finisher and every pinfall.

    This program needs to continue for a while longer, if only for the quality of the matches between these two.

    If people are going to dish out the money for pay-per-views and Raw shows, then they expect to be part of something special.

    CM Punk's current WWE championship reign is something very special.

The Rock Is Coming

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    Besides continuing the successful reign of CM Punk as WWE Champion, the company already has things planned out for the next few months. Even WrestleMania XXIX must have its early draft penned out somewhere.

    The biggest news heard yet is The Rock returning at Royal Rumble to challenge the champion, whomever that may be, for the gold.

    CM Punk is totally going to be that man. The seeds have already been planted. All that remains is to allow for it to happen.

    It is inevitable.

    There would absolutely be no purpose to switching champions right now. None whatsoever.

    The Rock will face CM Punk at Royal Rumble if only to set up a rematch between him and John Cena somewhere down the line.

    What a great set of matches those will be. Wow! 

For the Benefit of Everyone Involved

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    Paying attention to the WWE calendar, one must realize that there are three events left in 2012 before the great showdown at Royal Rumble.

    If The Rock is already penciled in to reclaim the title in January and CM Punk loses at Hell in a Cell, that means John Cena will hold the title in transition for a maximum of three months.

    Is that really necessary?

    Wouldn't it be more interesting if he chases it for a while and fails, but manages to capture it at WrestleMania? That would be way more epic, would it not?

    Things are in a great place right now, an excellent place and it benefits not only the characters involved but also the fans, who love the "heel" Punk and wish to see where this is going.

    It is also a plus for the company as a whole because they actually managed to make the three-hour format work. CM Punk, John Cena and now even Paul Heyman are carrying this program.

    Vince McMahon must be thrilled. Everything is going according to plan.

    All hail CM Punk, your WWE Champion!