Maurice Clarett Doing Hard Time Online: Is Prison Blog Legitimate?

Buckeye CommentarySenior Analyst IMarch 3, 2009

With my Internoodle connectivity troubles this past weekend and the missing day I had on Monday trying to return home, I was a little bit behind on the news about Mo C's blog. So, when I read about it last night I immediately had a few thoughts/questions: (1) Maurice has (allegedly) been writing this blog since October and we are only hearing about this now? C'mon. (2) Why don't more semi-famous inmates do this?

I am very skeptical that Maurice is writing this blog despite his mother's assurance, and if it was not being operated on a subdomain, I would immediately check the launch date. (Does anyone know how to check that date for a subdomain?)

I admit I perused the site, but I barely read any of the posts. Honestly, it just isn't very interesting. But that does not mean I am not rooting for Clarett to turn his life around. As much as anyone, I hope he gets out of prison and goes on to be the inspiration that he hopes to be.

I want to believe the blog is legitimate, that Maurice is somehow enrolled in distance learning at Ohio State, and that he is reading the classics. But if you made me answer a true or false question for a cool million bucks, I would bet that this blog is a hoax every time. Sorry to be a downer.