WWE Night of Champions 2012: A Non-Title Match Shines Among Title Matches

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WWE Night of Champions 2012: A Non-Title Match Shines Among Title Matches
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Night of Champions is in the books, but one match that might get the most attention was the only non-title match on the card.

Dolph Ziggler and Randy Orton put on one of the best performances we have seen from either man and took some of the spotlight from the main event.

CM Punk vs. John Cena was undoubtedly a classic bout, but Orton and Ziggler had a more fluid feel to it, which is why I feel it stole the show.

Both men had counters for everything and they both hit moves we don't always see them go for in a match.

Watching these two greats lock up makes me remember why I watch WWE. It is matches like these that make it worth sitting through the garbage.

Orton hitting the hung DDT on the floor was a great spot, but the highlight of the match had to be the finish when Orton propelled Ziggler into the air and pulled him back down for the RKO.

While many may have wanted to see Ziggler win, it is possible he will do the same thing he did with Jericho and challenged him again only to win the second match and send Orton packing for his film role.

When the show went on the air, I did not expect more than the average B-level PPV, but at the end of the night I cannot remember a weak moment.

Having Orton and Ziggler in the middle of the show helped to spread out the likely candidates for best match, but every person on the card performed well.

Was Ziggler/Orton the match of the night?

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Ziggler and Orton told a great story in the ring tonight and it helped set up for more down the road between the two.

Ziggler did not cash in tonight, so hopefully this allows for him and Orton to push this great feud a bit longer.

However you want to look at it, whether you think Ziggler should have won, you have to give credit to both men for pulling out all the stops.

We will have to wait for Raw and SmackDown to see where they go from here, but I am putting my money on Ziggler not being done with The Viper.

What did you think of the Orton vs. Ziggler match at Night of Champions?

Did it steal the show?

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