WWE Night of Champions 2012: Why Sheamus Deserved to Win

Sebastian Maldonado@https://twitter.com/#!/SebastianTSUFeatured ColumnistSeptember 17, 2012

WWE Night of Champions 2012: Why Sheamus Deserved to Win

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    Sheamus deserved to win his match against Alberto Del Rio.

    At Night of Champions, we bared witness to Sheamus defeating Alberto Del Rio to retain the World heavyweight title.

    The Celtic Warrior defeated Del Rio once more using the Brogue Kick. In fact, Sheamus needed and deserved to keep the World Heavyweight Championship.

    Despite Del Rio’s best efforts, Sheamus retained. If you noticed over time, Sheamus has proved himself to be a formidable world champion.

    He’s worked hard and applied his craft to be effective both athletically and through his promo work. Here’s why Sheamus deserved to retain the World heavyweight title.

Work Ethic

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    No one should question Sheamus’ work ethic.

    He has made his championship run dominant and also has quite a resume of opponents. His match with Daniel Bryan at Extreme Rules should be a candidate for match of the year. Since then, he proved to the WWE Universe he is a worthy champion.

    Sheamus has had great matches with Chris Jericho and Randy Orton on SmackDown. His match with Dolph Ziggler at No Way Out also was a good contest.

    Sheamus should also be commended for his matches with Del Rio. They have good, big-man type matches that brings the live crowd into their matches.

Move Set

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    Sheamus has expanded his move set from his early days.

    He doesn’t just finish opponents with the Brogue Kick and the Celtic Cross anymore. The world champion brought the White Noise earlier this year, which is a modified version of the Emerald Fusion. 

    Right when Booker T outlawed the Brogue Kick, Sheamus took the Texas Cloverleaf. The submission hold is a modified version of the Sharpshooter invented by Dean Malenko. It suits the champion, as he just muscles his opponents and hooks the legs easily, forcing his opponents' tap.

    Add the axe hammer and the Irish curse backbreaker, and Sheamus has a pretty impressive set of moves.

Fan Support

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    Sheamus has really shined in his personality.

    His character loves to fight. If you notice, he’s also pretty easy going. Gone are the days of an angry heel trying to assert himself.

    Sheamus can hold his own and remain in character. Look at his promo against CM Punk in Chicago. When Sheamus was booed going against Punk, he still stayed true and didn’t sway from the babyface role.

    He has evolved into a relaxed, easygoing guy instead of the typical brute. He also proved to the fans he can talk as well, bringing his points across clearly.

    The fans love his character. That shows the amount of work Sheamus has done through the past year.

Shining in the Sheamus/Del Rio Storyline

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    This feud lasted four months, featuring three matches between the two wrestlers. However, it was Sheamus who shined in their storyline.

    The creative team decided to make Sheamus shine in his easygoing character by putting him in funny situations. When Sheamus took Del Rio’s Ferrari before SummerSlam, many fans loved it.

    The recent storyline with Booker T banning the Brogue Kick showed Sheamus’ vulnerability. It also showed Sheamus being able to demonstrate his charismatic side. His segment in Connecticut with David Otunga was effective in bringing out Sheamus’ seriousness and comedic side.

    Because of these personality traits, they make Sheamus loved by the WWE Universe.

Impressive Title Reign

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    Sheamus has had quite the title reign. Why not let him continue?

    The Celtic Warrior has been the champion since WrestleMania 28, a total of five months. Since then, he’s beaten many opponents during that short time.

    Sheamus is on his way to a great title reign. He is the main event on SmackDown on a consistent basis. He’s even becoming a focal point on Raw.

    The sky’s the limit for the world heavyweight champion. Sheamus carries the ball on SmackDown. His improvement on every facet of his wrestling character and ring work has proven to the WWE Universe why Sheamus should still be the champion.

    He’s earned it and deserved it.