WWE Night of Champions 2012: Miz Retains the Intercontinental Championship

Tom Clark@tomclarkbrFeatured ColumnistSeptember 16, 2012

photo by wwe.com
photo by wwe.com

WWE Night of Champions, live from Boston.  And here we go.

The Fatal Four Way for the Intercontinental Championship involving the Miz, Cody Rhodes, Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara began fast-paced as expected, with all four men getting in some fast offense as soon as the bell rang.  

For just a moment, Sin Cara and Rey were face to face but only for a moment.  I suspect that, perhaps, will not be the last time.

Cody and Miz, after reinserting themselves into the contest, tried to get the match back in their direction but were soon outside of the ring.

The two masked men were soon back in the ring together, and Sin Cara took an early advantage, with Rey then hitting a spinning head scissors and putting Sin Cara back down to the mat.

A very small pop on that one, as the crowd seemed not all that involved thus far.

Soon, the heels were back in charge, as the two men often called "the future of WWE" were squaring off in the ring.  As the fast pace continued, however, Cody and Miz soon were back on the defensive, as both Luchadores began trading move for move.

Sin Cara hit a big kick on Rey as he was perched on the top rope and was going for an offensive move, but Cody caught him looking and took control.

Going for a suplex, Cody was grabbed by Miz, who power bombed him, and all three men went crashing down to the mat.

Miz, finally getting the Boston crowd to react, was now the man on top, as he had Rey in trouble.  A quick DDT and another near fall, but the pace of the match slowed down to Miz’s speed.

After Sin Cara made his way back into the ring, suddenly, it was all four men once again locking it up, this time outside of the ring.  

A dangerous place to be for any Superstar, as anything can happen, but soon the action went back to the ring.

Cody Rhodes, in an attempt to get back the championship he referred to as his, found himself on the second rope with Miz, awaiting Rey's 619.  Cody managed to get out but was met with more offense from Rey, and the match once again broke down.

Rhodes went for Sin Cara’s mask, an ill-advised move, as he was soon back down, and Miz was the man back in charge of the match.

With Sin Cara on his shoulders, Miz had a mask unexpectedly slipped onto his head and ended up pushed into the corner.  As Rhodes got back into the match, he grabbed Sin Cara, looking for the CrossRhodes then was dropped by the Skull Crushing Finale.

Your winner and still WWE Intercontinental Champion, the Miz.

Not a five-star classic, but an entertaining match overall.  I believe the right man won, as Miz, if he is ever going to be taken seriously as Intercontinental Champion, has to start getting some quality wins under his belt.

This may just be one match on one pay-per-view, but it is a start.  The question now: Will WWE creative keep giving Miz what he needs to move ahead, or will he continue to lose matches that he should win, put into situations he shouldn’t be put into?

Only time will tell on that one.