WWE Night of Champions 2012 Results: Kane and Daniel Bryan Win and What It Means

Michael PrunkaCorrespondent IMarch 22, 2017

At Night of Champions, Kane and Daniel Bryan defeated Kofi Kingston and R-Truth to win the WWE Tag Team Championships. Despite bickering throughout the match, the unlikely duo walked out of Boston as the new champions.

As JBL mentioned on commentary, Bryan and Kane are phenomenal singles competitors, but they are unable to coexist as a tag team. It was actually their inability to cooperate with one another that led to their victory. When Kane took to the top rope, likely setting up the flying clothesline, Bryan knocked him off. Kane landed on Kingston and covered him. 

The dynamic between Kane and Bryan has made for some very entertaining television. Once foes, Kane and Bryan have been forced to work together because of the anger management program AJ Lee sent them to.

By winning the WWE Tag Team Championships, it's clear that Kane and Bryan will continue to team together. However, one can only wonder how long they can sneak out victories. 

Of their two matches as a team, Kane and Bryan have come out victorious despite one man attacking the other in both. If they intend on having a lengthy reign as WWE Tag Team Champions, they cannot continue to bicker during their matches.

That said, can Kane and Bryan learn to work together? Their win at Night of Champions means that they will have more chances to work on becoming a cohesive unit. At the same time, they'll also have more opportunities for their partnership to implode.

Based on the fact that Kane and Bryan were yelling, "I'm the tag team champions," we may see them go back and forth on who carries their team. Heck, we may see them argue why only one of them should reign as both tag team champions.

There's still plenty to be developed between Kane and Bryan. Their victory at Night of Champions is exciting because it ensures that the entertaining anger management story between the two will keep moving forward.


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