Power Ranking Every Starting Rookie QB Through Week 2

Nick Kostora@@nickkostoraContributor IIISeptember 16, 2012

Power Ranking Every Starting Rookie QB Through Week 2

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    Week 2 provided a much clearer picture of what to expect from the NFL's rookie quarterback crop this season.

    While Week 1 saw the best of Robert Griffin III and the absolute worst of Brandon Weeden, the second round of games saw a more balanced offering from both of the signal-callers.

    So, who moved up in the power rankings, and who took a step back?

    Could anyone unseat RGIII for the No. 1 spot?

    Here are the rookie QB power rankings after two weeks of action.

5. Ryan Tannehill

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    Week 1 stats: 20-of-36 passing for 219 YDS, 0 TD, 3 INT's

    Week 2 stats: 18-of-30 passing for 200 YDS, 1 TD, 0 INT's

    Instead of riding the roller coaster of his fellow rookie quarterbacks from one week to another, Ryan Tannehill instead took the Merry-Go-Round.

    Tannehill definitely looked more comfortable in the pocket against the Oakland Raiders, but it is hard to know what to take from that because Oakland has been played so poorly two weeks in a row.

    Still, anytime you go from three interceptions down to zero and get a win there is cause for celebration, just not enough to bump Tannehill up in the power rankings.

    In fact, Tannehill is a victim of circumstance and falls to fifth, because Brandon Weeden was so impressive in Week 2.

    Through two weeks Tannehill's yardage total among rookie starters is fourth, ahead of only Russell Wilson.

    Week 1 Power Ranking: 4

    Week 2 Power Ranking: 5

4. Brandon Weeden

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    Week 1 Stats: 12-of-35 passing for 118 YDS, 0 TD, 4 INT's

    Week 2 Stats: 26-of-37 passing for 322 YDS, 2 TD's, 0 INT's


    The Cleveland Browns were not crazy to draft Brandon Weeden in the first round.

    Weeden showed off his tremendous abilities in Week 2 against the Cincinnati Bengals, and proved he is ready to compete at the NFL level.

    It was a complete 180 degree turn from last week's horrendous showing that had some calling for the return of Colt McCoy.

    Weeden stood tall in the pocket, completed 70.3 percent of his passes, and had a 114.9 passer rating.

    Over 100 yards on the ground from Trent Richardson clearly helped the QB improve this week, and it will be interesting to see if Cleveland can maintain such a balanced attack moving forward.

    Week 1 Power Ranking: 5

    Week 2 Power Ranking: 4

3. Russell Wilson

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    Week 1 stats: 18-of-34 passing for 153 YDS, 1 TD, 1 INT

    Week 2 stats: 15-of-20 passing for 151 YDS, 1 TD, 0 INT 

    Is it possible to look at least somewhat impressive when you throw for under 200 yards in back-to-back games?

    If so, then Russell Wilson has been somewhat impressive this season.

    He gets out of Marshawn Lynch's way when needed, and converts the plays necessary to keep the Seattle Seahawks competitive in games.

    In Week 2, Wilson averaged 7.6 yards per pass, had a passer rating of 112.7, and completed passes to eight different targets.

    That type of balance will suit the Seahawks well moving forward, especially with a statement game against the Green Bay Packers looming next week.

    Week 1 Power Ranking: 3

    Week 2 Power Ranking: 3

2. Andrew Luck

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    Week 1 stats: 23-of-45 passing for 309 YDS, 1 TD, 3 INT's

    Week 2 stats: 20-of-31 passing for 221 YDS, 2 TD's, 0 INT's

    Even through the three interceptions Andrew Luck threw in Week 1 you could see why he was taken first overall.

    His pocket awareness, accuracy, and intelligence were glimpsed throughout the game, before being fully unleashed against the Minnesota Vikings.

    Luck made every play he had to in order to secure a victory for the Indianapolis Colts, including three completions on the final drive to get in field goal range for Adam Vinatieri.

    Now, he must stay focused against the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 3 before two tough tests with the Green Bay Packers and New York Jets, respectively.

    Week 1 Power Ranking: 2

    Week 2 Power Ranking: 2

1. Robert Griffin III

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    Week 1 Stats: 19-of-26 passing for 320 YDS, 2 TD, 0 INT

    Week 2 Stats: 20-of-29 passing for 209 YDS, 1 TD, 1 INT

    Robert Griffin III has been about as impressive as possible during his first two weeks of NFL action.

    Unfortunately, that has translated to only one win, as the Redskins were upset by the St. Louis Rams in Week 2.

    Griffin, however, has done just about everything right and is quickly asserting himself as more than just another rookie.

    He has completed over 70 percent of his passes, has a passer rating over 100, and has sprinkled in over 120 rushing yards to top it all off.

    Griffin is clearly the best rookie quarterback in the NFL right now, and it will be tough for Luck and company to knock him off his pedestal.

    Week 1 Power Ranking: 1

    Week 2 Power Ranking: 1