Night of Champions 2012 Results: Antonio Cesaro Defends US Title vs. Zack Ryder

Brandon GalvinFeatured ColumnistSeptember 16, 2012

Antonio Cesaro will defend the WWE United States Championship later tonight at Night of Champions vs. Zack Ryder who won the battle royal on the YouTube pre-show. 

Though Ryder has a ton of momentum heading into the match after picking up the big win to become the No. 1 contender for the U.S. title, Cesaro must retain the championship at all costs for the sake of his career and to salvage any respect for the U.S. title.

The U.S. title was essentially made a mockery of by Santino Marella, who is nothing more than a sideshow circus act in the WWE. He was never a good fit for the U.S title and rarely defended it for somebody who held the title for as long as he did. Cesaro is a more complete performer in the ring than Santino, and his ability to put on quality matches will bring some sense of credibility back to the title.

Should Cesaro lose this match, it would only bring down the credibility of the championship as it would show the fans that nobody is fit to carry the title. Whenever a company plays hot potato with a championship, that title will quickly begin to lose any credibility.

Considering Cesaro just won the U.S. title at SummerSlam on the YouTube pre-show, it would be silly to take the title off him and cripple any potential he has at becoming a star in the company. WWE has the opportunity to create a powerful midcard heel couple with Cesaro and Aksana, but it is contingent, first and foremost, on respect.

The only way for them to earn respect is to successfully win matches at any and all costs, and in doing so, retaining the U.S. Championship.


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