Philadelphia Eagles: Michael Vick Proves Again That He Is a Winner

Ezra SkobeloffCorrespondent ISeptember 16, 2012

For the second straight week, Michael Vick led the Eagles to victory late in the fourth quarter.
For the second straight week, Michael Vick led the Eagles to victory late in the fourth quarter.Rob Carr/Getty Images

Philadelphia Eagles' maligned quarterback Michael Vick showed you again why you shouldn't doubt him.

While his passer rating was pretty solid (94.7), his offense again turned the ball over far too often at the wrong times and on the wrong side of the 50.

With the exception of a stretch of 10 or so minutes from the end of the first quarter to the middle of the second, the Eagles dominated the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. Without the four turnovers, a problem that needs to be fixed immediately, Philadelphia could have handily won this game.

The Eagles gained 486 yards to the Ravens' 325, and possessed the ball for 34:21 to the Ravens' 25:39.

Yet, these costly mistakes put the Birds in another fourth-quarter deficit.

Despite his woes last week, and despite some of his woes earlier in the game, Vick chose the only option he had when he got the football back with 4:43 left in the game, trailing by six with 80 yards to go.

Michael went into "Vick" Mode.

He was 4-for-4 for 70 yards and ran for 11 yards, including the game-winning touchdown.

From the moment he hit the field on the drive, it seemed like nothing was going to stop Philadelphia's quarterback from putting his team in position to win.


Now, don't overlook that his defense came up huge time and time again. It's hard to tell how effective coverage is downfield when all we see on TV is the quarterback and the ball as it soars to its intended receiver, but Joe Flacco was 9-for-27 in the second half with an interception.

The Eagles' defense was simply fantastic. It gave Vick and the offense the opportunity to get back in the game.

But for the second straight game with roughly five minutes on the clock, Vick came through to lead his team to victory.

Despite the criticism, despite his and his team's early faults, Vick is 2-0.

There's no taking that away from him.