5 Biggest Studs in Baltimore Ravens-Philadelphia Eagles Bloodbath

Jim MorisetteCorrespondent IIISeptember 16, 2012

5 Biggest Studs in Baltimore Ravens-Philadelphia Eagles Bloodbath

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    Watching Sunday’s game between the Baltimore Ravens and Philadelphia Eagles was like watching two frothing pit bulls gnash each other.

    Pushing, shoving and punching was the norm in this hard-fought grudge-match, as the hands of players on both teams seemed to be super-glued to opposing jerseys.

    Plenty of verbal (and literal) jabs to go around; Mother Theresa would have smacked many hands with rulers.

    Eagles quarterback Michael Vick enjoyed watching plenty of crystal-clear blue sky from his back. Vick, in turn, steamrolled an innocent CBS technician along the sideline midway through the second quarter. 

    In the end of what could be best described as a war of attrition, Philadelphia beat the Ravens in a real nail-biter 24-23.

    Here are five studs that made this game rock.

Brent Celek

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    What an electrifying performance by Eagles tight end Brent Celek.

    Sure, Celek’s eight catches for 157 yards were eye-popping.

    But it was two unbelievable plays after the catch that warrant this guy a big-time stud in this game.

    The first play came in the second quarter where Vick hit Celek with a strike in the middle of the field. Bernard Pollard clobbered Celek so hard after the catch, Celek’s chinstrap became wrapped around his nose.

    But Celek still hung onto the football. After, Celek jumped to his feet and wowed the crowd with a first-down gesture.

    Celek struck again in the third quarter, when he caught a pass and ran down the right sideline.

    Ed Reed came to deliver a crushing blow, but came up with air. This was because Celek leaped over Reed, leaving Reed wondering what the heck just happened.

DeSean Jackson

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    Reed would get his revenge late in the third quarter.

    With Philadelphia pinned deep on its own seven-yard line, Vick went back in the pocket, looked left and then fired a 49-yard bomb down the right sideline.

    Making the catch on the other end was DeSean Jackson, who was absolutely obliterated by Reed. But Jackson hung onto the football, much to the standing ovation of the home crowd.

    On the day, Jackson had seven catches for 114 yards (16.3 yard average), and a ton of first-down gestures.

Ray Rice

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    While not his most spectacular performance, Rice still compiled 99 yards on 16 carries 6.2 yards per carry). Rice also had six catches for 53 yards.

    More impressive, Rice laid some serious lumber on Eagles safety Kurt Coleman along the sideline after a fourth-quarter catch.

    Strange. With a 6.2 yards-per-carry average, it makes me wonder why the Ravens did not run the ball more on the road.

Justin Tucker

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    It is safe to say Philadelphia is not one of the easiest places to play in football. It is loud, it is obnoxious and it has heard every curse word in nearly every language on earth.

    So for rookie Ravens kicker Justin Tucker to walk into that stadium and crush three field goals under such pressure is worthy of recognition.

    Better yet, in just Tucker’s second NFL game, he tied the Ravens franchise record with a 56-yard field goal as time expired in the first half.

    Still not sold, Tucker nailed a 51-yarder to give Baltimore a 20-17 lead. Tucker extended the lead with a field goal late in the fourth quarter.

Michael Vick

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    Eagles quarterback Michael Vick gets the final game ball. Give Vick tons of credit. The Ravens punished Vick relentlessly throughout Sunday’s game.

    Despite seeing plenty of purple, followed by blue sky, Vick hung tough. He overcame some tough turnovers to have a monster game, going 23-for-32 with 371 yards and a touchdown. 

    More important for Eagles fans, Vick marched his team down the field to give Philadelphia the win over a very good team.