New York Rangers Have a Big Trade Looming

Kevin PapaCorrespondent IMarch 3, 2009

With the inevitable chaos that is the 2009 trade deadline looming, all one can do is wait. Wait, anticipate and speculate what your favorite team is poised to do prior to March 4, at 3:00 p.m.

Looking very quickly, they look normal—minus the recent acquisition of Sean Avery, or the "Grate One".

But if you look closely, you see the Rangers waived two players today—the useless Aaron Voros, and the injured Erik Reitz.

Because the Rangers are waiving them right now, it portrays the potential of a multiple-player trade before the deadline. Ol' Sather might be losing it, but he just may have one more "ace" up his sleeve.

And by ace, I mean finally a player who can score goals, and isn't totally useless like (ahem) Chris Drury.

This will be a huge deadline for us, either making us—similar to last year when Hossa was brought to the Penguins—or it will horribly break us. We need a regular goal scorer, someone who can help bring our goals-per-game average up one or two more.

Something is definitely brewing in the Rangers hierarchy, and looking back at this team's previous games, it can only improve them. They are ridiculous on the forecheck and penalty kill, and even the power play when compared to prior games under Renney this season.

But their missing one element—a goal scorer. If they can secure a scoring weapon for the remainder of this season and playoffs, New York will finally be a team that is feared and respected.