The 10 Most Quotable Fighters in MMA History

Kyle Symes@ksymes88Correspondent IIISeptember 19, 2012

The 10 Most Quotable Fighters in MMA History

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    Do you know why fans are willing to sit through hours upon hours of mindless cliches during press conferences and interviews?

    It's because there's always the chance for that one golden sound byte to occur. You know the statement that somehow manages to escape the filter system and spews out of somebody's mouth. It's the statement that feels so right to say but may cause a few regrets after the fact.

    MMA fighters happen to be some of the best at acquiring great sound bytes. Unlike in other sports, they are representing themselves and not an organization. There is less structure in MMA press conferences and interviews which helps the process not feel so robotic.

    The fighters on this list were among some of the best at saying one-liners that have lived on through the years. Some were great trash talkers while others made us scratch our head and wonder if we were the ones who weren't philosophically inclined.

    Whether it was crazy-smart or crazy-dumb, all of these guys were good for at least one good line once you put a microphone in front of them.

Tank Abbott

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    Tank Abbott is one of the most well-known fighters to have an under .500 record in MMA.

    In the early days of MMA when legitimate martial artists were getting the attention, Abbott stole the spotlight as he became one of the top fighters in the UFC. His brawling-type style was a welcome change to the grappling-heavy fighters fans were watching at the time.

    His brash personality wasn't that bad either. The man literally drank a beer in the Octagon after one of his fights. Abbott was famous for his vicious knockouts followed by entertaining dissection of what exactly went down.


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    "I thought I was getting raped by Freddie Mercury." (CagePotato)

Tito Ortiz

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    Tito Ortiz will go down as one of the greatest UFC champions in the sport or one of the most annoying fighters of all time depending on how you view the man. Regardless of how you felt about the man inside the Octagon, there's no denying he was compelling outside it.

    Ortiz broke into the sport due in large part to a "larger than life" personality that set him apart from the usual "respect first" martial artist competing in the UFC at the time. Ortiz was in his opponent's face and had no qualms about putting himself out there with the trash talking.

    Towards the latter end of his career Ortiz's trash talking started to dwindle down but instead he turned into a medical doctor, perfectly diagnosing his "cracked skull" and other injuries.


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    "That's what she said."

Bas Rutten

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    Many of Bas Rutten's career highlights occurred long before the days of The Ultimate Fighter era where MMA was widely known across the world. Still, Rutten is considered to be one of the pioneers in MMA and is one of the most popular fighters of all time.

    Rutten's popularity began with his exciting fights but reached new highs after Pride FC decided to give the man a microphone for their events. Combined with Stephen Quadros, Rutten provided the MMA world with some of the most memorable quotes in the history of the sport. Some of them sounded like incoherent rambling but you can't deny the fact you cracked a smile at every one of his one-liners.


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    "I don't believe in an eye for an eye, I believe in two eyes for an eye." (

Ken Shamrock

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    Ken Shamrock should be remembered as one of the legendary pioneers of MMA given his fighting resume.

    Notice the keyword in that sentence is the word should. Despite competing in the original Pancrase and early days of the UFC, Shamrock is nothing more than the punchline of jokes for many MMA fans. That's due in large part to some of the lines that spewed from Shamrock's mouth. They all seemed to have good intentions but just never came together.


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    "I'm going to beat you into a living death."

Jason Miller

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    Jason "Mayhem" Miller will undoubtedly go down as one of the most colorful characters in MMA history. Despite not achieving much success in the upper level of MMA, Miller is among one of the most popular fighters to date.

    Miller was even able to get his own TV show, Bully Beatdown, which became a staple of Miller's "brand." Miller's most recent run of lines centered around a rivalry with Nick Diaz. The bout never materialized but that didn't stop "Mayhem" from using one of Diaz's old lines, "Don't be scared home!" against the former Strikeforce champion.

    I'm sure his recent escapade in a church also produced a number of solid quotes but here's one from his bout with Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza in 2009.


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    "Brazillian nuthuggers can suck my mother f****** dick, that gets more p**** than any one of you could imagine, due to my MTV show, my good looks, and my tons of money. How's that for classy? Oh you know what, I don't give a f*** what you think, I'm the f****** man. What was your down syndrome Brazillian gonna break? Nothing. B**** a*** had me on the ground for 3 seconds." (MMAmania)

Chael Sonnen

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    Chael Sonnen burst onto the UFC scene by bringing a dominant wrestling game while taking out top contenders at 185 pounds. Of course it wasn't just Sonnen's skills that rocketed him up the rankings.

    Sonnen became a walking sound byte during his rivalry with Anderson Silva. Sonnen attacked the champion verbally for months leading up to their showdown at UFC 117. Sonnen attacked everything from Silva as a fighter and person along with insulting the country of Brazil.

    The verbal assault kicked into high gear when Sonnen made a return from his suspension. The second time around the "Oregon Gangster" went after Silva's wife.

    Sonnen's attacks on Brazil have made him public enemy No. 1 to Brazilians and have gained him the ire of many of Brazil's top fighters like Vitor Belfort and Wanderlei Silva.


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    "A black belt from the Nogueira brothers is like a free toy in a Happy Meal." (Low Kick)

Michael Bisping

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    Michael Bisping is the solution to every boring personality in MMA. Not content with simply being politically correct all the time, Bisping would rather say what he wants when he wants.

    As a MMA fan, even if the trash talk is directed towards a fighter that I like, I still find the stuff Bisping comes up with to be humorous. The Englishman entered the UFC as a popular fighter and was one of the few international attractions outside of Brazil that the company had to promote.

    That's changed in recent years as Bisping as become public enemy No. 1. Recently, Bisping's verbal aggression has been directed at everyone from Chris Weidman to the guys at Team Alpha male. Here's a little snippet of Bisping's feelings about UFC Flyweight title contender Joseph Benavidez.


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    "..listen, Urijah Favor, Joseph Benavidez, and the rest of the munchkin crew, don't talk [expletive] just because you're stuck in the bodies of pre-pubescent boys." (MMAFighting)

Don Frye

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    Almost as signature as the mustache and American flag shorts, Don Frye's words have become the stuff of legends in the MMA community.

    Frye was always a fighter who would bring it once the fight started but it was often the build up where fans were most interested in. His one-liners always found a way to make the reader smile even if they were a little crazy at times.

    And of course, who could forget those lovely "Dear Don" segments on YouTube? Whether you need advice on a bad roommate or if Ken Shamrock wants to diss you, Frye has all the answers for you. Who needs Dear Abby when you have "The American Predator"?


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    "Ruben Villareal, he stomped the s–t out of me and I deserved it because I thought I’d go in there just as Don Frye and my press clippings would impress him. Apparently he never learned to read on the reservation. He wasn’t impressed with my print.” (CagePotato)

Quinton Jackson

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    Quinton "Rampage" Jackson is one of the most exciting fighters to watch in MMA history. Possessing tremendous strength, Jackson is always one punch away from turning the lights off for his opponents.

    However, "Rampage" didn't get to be one of the most popular fighters today just by being exciting inside the cage. Jackson is known for his humor that often involves bashing an opposing fighter. It's not that his lines are creative and witty but rather Jackson doesn't follow the cliches, and he says exactly what he wants.

    It's a quality many people find themselves wishing they possessed in their own daily jobs but we have no problem living vicariously throw "Rampage" and his humor.


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    "A man with a glass jaw shouldn't talk so much crap. Get the bottom of your feet sponsored son... cause you getting laid out!" (Twitter)

Nick Diaz

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    Nick Diaz may be the funniest man in MMA who doesn't attempt to make you laugh. Diaz brings a "Manny being Manny" type of reputation to MMA. Just when you thought you'd seen it all from Diaz he comes back with another gem on the microphone.

    An entertaining and well-rounded fighter in his own right, Diaz's legacy will be perhaps remembered best for the sound bytes he gave MMA media and fans. His delivery needs a bit of work but the lines still get a reaction from you. His description of his fight with Takanori Gomi is especially memorable.


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    "I beat his a**. But you know, that little f*****. Man that f***** is tough. I mean I hit him, but then he comes out with this karate s*** and little dude can bang. I mean he f***** up my eye and s***… That’s why I went to the ground and gogo’d him. You dont see that s*** in MMA. Who in MMA gogo’s anyone cept me?” (Crooklyn's Corner)