NHL 13: 25 Most Awesome Features of EA Sports' New Video Game

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NHL 13: 25 Most Awesome Features of EA Sports' New Video Game
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So, if this your first NHL hockey game, everything in it is new to you and you may or may not have an appreciation for the journey that video game hockey has taken. From the early days of five-on-five hockey in Blades of Steel, to the revolutionary NHL Hockey in 1992, NHL 13 puts you in the game like never before.

For those of you who have been waiting for significant improvements in the game since, oh around 2009 (NHL 2010), this game is a solid step in the right direction. The biggest advertised improvement is the new skating engine. Sure, it was fun to pretend that Hal Gill can start and stop on a dime with the skating savvy of a slightly younger Paul Coffey. In NHL 13, the great skaters can really skate while Gill is reduced to a more realistic version of himself: over-sized pylon with an eight-foot twig.

The graphics always look a little sharper with each new edition of the series, and there are always smaller-scale, more detail additions to the game, which make an NHL work stoppage slightly more tolerable.



Where was I?

Oh yes! NHL 13 has addressed its strengths (making the fun stuff even more fun) and some of its weaknesses (still no playoff beards) to put out a sharp product that is well worth your $60 investment. Here are the top 25 most awesome features of the new NHL 13.

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