Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. vs. Sergio Martinez: Reasons Martinez Will Take a Rematch

Justin Tate@justindavidtateCorrespondent ISeptember 17, 2012

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. vs. Sergio Martinez: Reasons Martinez Will Take a Rematch

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    Sergio Martinez cleaned the clock of Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., but one great rally in the final round for Chavez Jr. has the promoters clamoring for a lucrative rematch, according to Ryan Burton of Boxing Scene.

    For 11 rounds, Martinez put on the best performance of his career in a boxing clinic complete with amazing flurries and vicious lefts from awkward angles that brutalized the pretty babyface of 26-year-old Chavez Jr.

    In the 12th and final round, Martinez got caught with a powerful straight right and went down for the count after further aggression from Chavez Jr.

    With unsteady legs, Martinez continued to slug it out with Chavez Jr. in what became the longest 40 seconds in recent boxing history as fans jumped off their couches yelling for either the bell to hurry up and ring or for Chavez Jr. to jump on him and finish the job.

    Ultimately, Martinez survived and won the unanimous decision. Though Chavez Jr. had a great final round, it does not make a great case for a rematch.

    Martinez would likely be better challenged elsewhere, but it's hard to imagine a better paycheck at middleweight than the one he made facing the Mexican money printer that is Chavez Jr.

    The almighty dollar is just one of the many reasons Martinez will likely take a rematch that is absolutely not necessary.

Martinez Loves the WBC, but Shuns Everyone Else

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    The WBC is the oldest recognized sanctioning body in boxing and the WBC has not allowed its champions to hold its belt alongside other sanctioning body belts for very long.

    Martinez's adviser, Sampson Lewkowicz, has openly stated to Rick Reeno of Boxing Scene that, "he doesn't have any plans to unify the titles. He will defend his WBC belt."

    Most of the decent competitors at middleweight hold titles from other sanctioning bodies. That means they'd have to drop their title for a shot, and that's not likely to happen.

Martinez Beat Him Once, He Can Beat Him Again

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    Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. showed a lot of heart, but he also showed that he's got a long way to go as a fighter. Martinez was the teacher and school was in session.

    His $1.4 million fee as a private instructor will only increase in a rematch.

Martinez Couldn't Knock Him Out

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    Martinez had Chavez Jr. hurt numerous times throughout their 12-round encounter but could not put him away.

    A rematch could allow Martinez to not only repeat his prior boxing masterpiece, but put the knockout finish he couldn't manage against Chavez Jr. the first time.

Martinez Can Prove the 12th-Round Knockdown Was a Fluke

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    Martinez was knocked down in the final round by a hard straight right by Chavez Jr.

    Though Chavez Jr. couldn't finish him off, he gave room for debate of whether or not Martinez would have survived an old-school, 15-rounder against Chavez Jr.

    A rematch would allow Martinez to reiterate his dominance and show that Chavez Jr.'s only chance was in that final round.

Martinez Is 37 Years Old and Money Is of Most Importance

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    Martinez is 37 years old and has made an interesting legacy with victories over big names like Kelly Pavlik and Paul Williams.

    Now it's time to bank on his rising popularity and get the most money out of what's left of his career.

    Chavez Jr. is still the biggest box-office draw at middleweight, and his final-round rally can sell a rematch to his fans.

    Therefore, Martinez will chase the big money where his retirement will come from.

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