Cactus Action

Chris KreitzerSenior Analyst IMarch 3, 2009

With the Tribe already completing their 7th spring training game and STO not showing a match up until the end of March, I decide to put up some of the game action from last weeks' Diamonbacks game. Nothing real earth-shattering, just some semi regulars getting some work. I think Tomo Ohka is still icing his neck after his forgettable outing

Asdrubal Cabrera grounding out.

Josh Barfield drawing a walk.

Mark Reynolds and Tony Clark batting against Rich Rundles with a cameo from Mark Shapiro.

Dan Haren vs Kelly Shoppach

Mark DeRosa strikes out against Haren

Mark DeRosa Pops up

Grady Sizemore bloops a single

It is always a welcomed site to watch Indians baseball games even if they don't count. Hopefully next year STO will carry games more frequently than over just a two week span.
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