Manny To New York? Baseballs Best, Headed To The Big Apple?

Zachary WestRasmusCorrespondent IMarch 3, 2009

Manny, the 36-year-old in need of an attitude adjustment, is arguably one of the greatest hitters playing the game right now, a hall of fame shoe-in, so why has he not signed with a team yet?

Is the answer Scott Boras—the world's most selfish and horrible agent?

Nah, surprisingly, that's not it.

The sole reason that this career .314 BA, 500+ home run machine has not been signed by a team yet is that the New York Yankees have not made Manny an offer. 

For Xavier Nady, Johnny Damon, and Hideki Matsui, 2009 is their final year under contract. Time to bulk up the lineup, add the powerhouse to the No. 3 spot, have him DH, and forget Matsui after this year. Matsui's always injured, and he's getting old.  

I'm just thinking, with a vet-player like Derek Jeter to keep Manny in line, what would make Manny happier than having three to four fantastic years in New York and winning championships?

Oh wait, he will be able to constantly rip the snot out of the ball, against his former team that made him look like a buffoon!

All I'm saying is, yes  I'm a life long Yankees fan, and I despised Manny—I mean I hated him when he was with Boston. He straight up dominated the Yankees. When someone keeps rippin' you a new one, don't try to stop them—add them to your payroll!