Pakistan Cricket: A Self-Fulfilling Nightmare

Ben DoverContributor IMarch 3, 2009

What an absolute shame. This is the end for tours to Pakistan. It is a huge shame for cricket in general.

The political climate in Pakistan is dire indeed and must be said, the majority of people in Pakistan must be in absolute shock. Cricket is their lives. It is now no more.

The Pakistani Government needs to act now, this is ridiculous. The world watches horrified as they harbour Taliban supporters in their frontier, they allow terrorists to train and attack Westerns in Mumbai, they murder their own political figures. The country is returning to the stone age! And now they are attacking a small, sub-continent nation that, correct me if I am wrong, has done nothing to offend this country.

Just two years ago the Pakistani Cricket Team got finger pointed for bribery and gambling problems and their coach died in the hotel room after losing to Ireland.

Pakistan had such a bright and credible future in 1992 when they lifted the World Cup, their players are so naturally gifted, they play a very exciting game and now the country and the cricketing world loses another nation.