Alabama vs. Arkansas Video: Watch John L. Smith's Bizarre Halftime Interview

Ian HanfordFeatured ColumnistSeptember 15, 2012

Arkansas head coach John L. Smith has to be fun to interview. At any given moment, you have no idea what will come out of his mouth.

Check out this interview at halftime of Arkansas' contest with Alabama on Saturday. The Razorbacks were facing a 24-0 deficit, and CBS' Tracy Wolfson asked Smith how he will prepare his team for the second half after dealing with a tough week.

Smith then gift-wrapped another sound byte for the college football world to enjoy, telling Wolfson that you "slap them and say, 'Come on baby, keep your head up.'" He was even courteous enough to show us how it's done with his hands.

Sending your team back onto the field to face Alabama in this situation can't be easy, and motivation has to be hard to come by. The Crimson Tide is a scary team to play, but even more so when it smells blood in the water.

Maybe Smith's tactics work. Maybe his players just need to be patted in exactly the right way, but that's hard to believe.

What did he do at halftime last week against Louisiana-Monroe? His squad was leading 21-7, but obviously didn't come prepared for the game's second half. The Razorbacks were outscored by 17 in the final 30 minutes (plus overtime).

Smith likes to talk. He's an emotional coach, and he definitely has his quirks.

There isn't a way to motivate your team when facing the Crimson Tide—not when you're already losing, and not when your starting quarterback isn't in the lineup.

Fans have to appreciate Smith's fire, but his hilarious antics make him more memorable. Most coaches treat their programs like Fort Knox when it comes to the media, but Smith obviously enjoys having the microphone in front of him.