The 20 Biggest Cradle Robbers in Sports

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The 20 Biggest Cradle Robbers in Sports
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Like a fine wine, older dudes seem to get better with age. If you need more evidence than my word, just consider all the members of Club Geriatric with younger (often, much younger) beautiful women in tote. I think we can all agree it's no coincidence that money and/or fame seem to be a prerequisite for this truth. I mean, you never see swimsuit models dumpster diving with bearded, leathery hobos.

So, it's no surprise that in world of sports, more than a few graying sports legends and power players have found themselves the object of affection of a woman young enough to be a daughter, or even a granddaughter.

Hey, some girls place a premium on financial security—sometimes love follows, sometimes pragmatism rules—and for the wizened Hall of Famer or franchise owner, the nature of the relationship matters little.

Hey, who are we to judge how people spend their Golden Years and those of a more recent generation who grant them companionship. Okay, well...sometimes there are plenty of reasons to ask questions or level a little scrutiny.

These are 20 Biggest Cradle Robbers in Sports.

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