FIFA 13 Demo Release and More Sports Video Game News on 'Franchise Mode'

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIISeptember 15, 2012

The demo release of FIFA 13 was the biggest news in sports video games the week of September 9-15. The world's most popular sport is again well represented by EA Sports. Check out some exclusive gameplay in the video.

In other news: 


NBA 2K13

Is this an early candidate for sports game of the year, or what? No one can accuse 2K Sports of resting on its title as the king of virtual hoops. Check out screens and footage from the game as we approach the October 2 release date.


Madden 13

Slowly but surely, EA Sports seems to be releasing features some fans were missing from Madden 12. Find out what EA is giving back to fans in the video.



In the "Extras" section of the video, I give you the information needed to download the created boxers from my gamertag in Fight Night Champion. Big-time boxing and gaming fans are likely still putting in time on the game, even though it released almost two years ago.

Check out the video to find out how to grow your current roster.


Other Stuff

An update on what to expect from the Franchiseplay YouTube channel is also included. A healthy dose of Madden 13, NBA 2K13, WWE 13 and more is on the way in the coming week.


On the Hard Drive

Of course, no episode of Franchise Mode is complete without the "On the Hard Drive" segment. I have moments from Road to Glory on NCAA Football 13, Marcus Allen in Heisman Challenge, Antonio Gates in Madden 13, NHL 13 Be A Pro and FIFA 13 action.

Check it out. 


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