Braxton Miller Video: Watch Ohio State QB's Ridiculous TD Run vs. Cal

Ben Chodos@bchodosCorrespondent IISeptember 15, 2012

Ohio State’s electrifying quarterback started off the scoring in the Buckeyes' game against Cal with a stunning 55-yard touchdown run.

Miller had 302 rushing yards and four touchdowns on the ground coming into his third game of 2012, and continued to embarrass defenders with his incredible speed and agility.

On an option, Miller appeared to be in trouble when the Bears got into the backfield early. But the quarterback had other ideas, and he planted his foot and exploded in the other direction to move past the first helpless defender.

That first cut took him into another wave of tacklers, and he effortlessly changed direction once again to set up his next move. Cal defensive back Alex Logan had Miller in his sights, but he will now be all over SportsCenter for all the wrong reasons.

Miller put Logan to shame with a Barry Sanders-esque cut that left the junior grasping at nothing but air.

Once the first three Bears that tried to tackle him were lying on the turf trying to hide their faces, Miller was in a foot race with the rest of the Cal defense to the end zone. No one in a white jersey had a chance.

Fifty-five yards away from the end zone, Miller opened up his stride and took off. The linebackers and linemen may as well have been running in slow motion, and the defensive backs may try and blame their inability to catch the QB on poor pursuit angles, but they simply just got burned.