UConn Basketball: Detroit Or Bust

R KContributor IMarch 3, 2009

One more game versus Pitt and the Big East Season is over. As an UConn fan, I have to admit that the season has been a success. Two losses in a tough Big East is not too shabby. Players stepped up in the last couple games and showed heart. And now I have little doubt that the team will make the Final Four.

That being said, does the Big East Tourney really matter? I understand that the statement might sound blasphemous in Connecticut, but if UConn is crowned the champion, then the team is going to be one worn-out dog.

Let's not forget that the two-game bye means that the quarterfinal game will pit UConn versus a mid-level Big East team such as Georgetown or Notre Dame—teams that gave UConn trouble in the regular season.

Then there’s also the possibility of injury to one of the starters.

With Dyson out, the team cannot afford another player going down. The chemistry and the confidence that the team has showcased the past week indicated that they are finally ready to face teams without Dyson.

Does that mean I want UConn to lose in the quarterfinals in New York? No!

I hope they play their hearts out and beat everyone who stands in the way. I hope they get the No. 1 seed in the East so we can travel to Philly and Boston to cheer them on. However, I am just stating that the conference champion will be quickly forgotten if they are bounced out of the brackets the first or second weekend.

Give me a win or two in the Big East tournament. Solidify the No. 1 seed on selection Sunday, and I’ll pencil UConn into the Final Four in all of my brackets.

Go UConn. Beat Pitt.