NHL Network, NHL Not-work?

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NHL Network, NHL Not-work?

There are some things I don’t understand when it comes to the folks running the NHL, well, a lot of things. We’ve seen a lot of fans talking of contraction, shifting teams, bringing back old teams, etc. All good ideas if you ask me.

One of the major issues I have is their selling the game. Better yet, how they’re not selling the game. I actually like the NHL games on VS. I think they do a fine job; I’ve become accustomed to the corny-ness of the set, etc. It’s better than a few years ago on FOX with the dumbass robots, which everyone knows and loves.

The reason for my post today is that the NHL has its own channel yet only shows games every few days. Why is it that on a night that 12 games are going to be played, zero of them will be shown on the NHL network?

There’s NHL Live and about four hours of NHL On the Fly. While I like NHL On the Fly, where they’ll hit on every game, I believe it would benefit more to show actual games. There’s no excuse to not show a live game every single night one is played.

I’m a huge college basketball fan, so I don’t mind that any given night January through March, I have the choice of anywhere from two to four games on various channels. In a dream world, I would have a hockey game on every night too! I won’t go so far as to wish for a choice—yet.

NHL Network...get with the program!

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