WWE Night of Champions 2012: Breaking Down Each Title Holder's Chance to Retain

Donald Wood@@Donald_WoodFeatured ColumnistSeptember 15, 2012

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With WWE’s Night of Champions pay-per-view scheduled for Sunday, the excitement over a show that features every active title being defended is through the roof.

From CM Punk to Sheamus to Antonio Cesaro, every title on the roster will be fought for, but not all WWE superstars have the same chance of retaining their gold.

All of the following stars will be in matches that have them putting their title on the line, and we will break down their chances of retaining that gold.

It will be one wild night!


U.S. Champion Antonio Cesaroz: 80 percent

While WWE hasn’t been giving the young star a chance to shine yet, Antonio Cesaro’s first big opportunity to show the world how great he can be will come against the winner of the pre-show Battle Royal.

If Cesaro was going to lose, the opponent would have been named early and a feud would have been built, but the Battle Royal premise looks like a way to get a face superstar against Cesaro and allow him to win.

While there is always a chance a face like Brodus Clay could win, this should be another victory during Cesaro’s first title reign.



Divas Champion Layla: 50 percent

While some fans will claim that this match is the WWE trying to give the fans a women’s match they will enjoy, neither one of these women deserve the women’s championship (even as a man, I know it should be considered derogatory to call all women divas).

While this should be an easy win for Layla, the fact that Eve will be around the match in one way or another leaves the outcome of this bout anyone’s guess.


WWE Tag Team Champions R-Truth and Kofi Kingston: 15 percent

As successful as Kofi Kingston and R-Truth have been as face champions for the tag team division, it’s time for the adults in the crowd to care again about the once-heralded tag division.

That’s where Kane and Daniel Bryan come in.

Bryan and Kane are both former world champions, and their main-event status over the last six months will lend validity to a tag division that means nothing. With all that said, Kane and Bryan will beat Kofi and Truth to win the titles.


Intercontinental Champion The Miz: 60 percent

While many fans feel that this is the WWE’s chance to put the IC strap on another superstar, this would be the perfect opportunity to build the credibility of The Miz’s reign. With a win over Cody Rhodes, Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio, Miz would look like a legitimate star again.

While this match should be stellar technically throughout, this match has to be a message to the entire WWE Universe; stop complaining that the Intercontinental Championship doesn’t mean anything.

With four of the best midcarders in the company fighting for the gold, this title is exactly what it should be; just enjoy it!


World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus: 40 percent

The WWE’s ban on the Brogue Kick is a classic wrestling swerve that allows the fans to think that the strong champion (Sheamus) could possibly lose to the weaker opponent (Alberto Del Rio).

After months of making Del Rio look weak, the company has finally built the Mexican aristocrat to look as strong as he ever has; winning now for Del Rio is very possible.

With Sheamus’ finisher banned and Ricardo Rodriguez and David Otunga in Del Rio's corner, if there was ever a chance for Sheamus to lose, it would be at Night of Champions.


WWE Champion CM Punk: 90 percent

With the help of Paul Heyman, there is almost no chance that CM Punk will lose his WWE title to John Cena on Sunday. After building up so much momentum from his heel turn, the last thing the WWE could afford to do would be allowing Punk to lose.

Cena will be in his hometown of Boston, but that won’t matter. It is clear that the plan is to have Punk retain his title all the way until the Royal Rumble, so this main-event result is a foregone conclusion.

Punk will retain his title—but lose the match—after Heyman and one of his other associates hit the ring and beat down Cena. I’m sure Cena will clear the ring like the hero he is, but it won’t be before losing his chance at the title.


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